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UAB Policy
This policy identifies circumstances under which individuals may retain their original service date upon being rehired.
UAB Policy
This policy details the specifications for compensating consultants or independent contractors.
UAB Policy
This policy details the specifications for UAB employees securing outside employment. Faculty are directed to reference the "Consulting" section of the Faculty Handbook.
UAB Policy
This policy list the requirements and methods of payment for internal consulting by UAB employees.
UAB Policy
This policy lists instructions for changing personal information within the HR Administrative system.
UAB Policy
Describes the eligibility of awards provided to employees who complete five or more years of service (and in subsequent five-year increments) with UAB.
UAB Policy
Reviews of various issues may require expertise not available within the IRB. This policy details the IRB's use of consultants under such circumstances.
UAB Procedure
This procedure lists responsibilities for IRB members, the IRB Chair, OIRB and consultants for the IRB use of consultants.
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