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UAB Policy
UAB is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment, and the maintenance and promotion of nondiscrimination and prevention of discriminatory harassment in all aspects of education, recruitment and employment of individuals throughout the university.
UAB Policy
All buildings, facilities, and spaces (including covered walkways and covered parking) that are owned, rented, or leased by UAB are nonsmoking areas.
UAB Policy
This policy establishes guidelines requiring all UAB operating units to institute and implement an appropriate records management program.
UAB Policy
The University of Alabama at Birmingham campus mail system exists for the delivery of official interoffice/interdepartmental mail.
UAB Policy
This policy sets forth UAB’s commitment to creating a secure environment for children and establishes principles by which all University representatives should guide their behavior when interacting with children and reporting suspicions of abuse or neglect.
UAB Policy
Unlawful possession, use, manufacture, distribution, or dispensing of illicit drugs, controlled substances, or alcoholic beverages by any UAB employee is prohibited.
UAB Procedure
To protect the security and confidentiality of protected information created or received in the course of business, once records reach the end of their scheduled retention period, they should be disposed. These procedures outline various methods of destruction, which depend on the nature of the information stored and the medium of record storage.
UAB Policy
The Computer Software Policy describes the process for maintaining intellectual property, ownership and equities, with regards to computer software developed at UAB.
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