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UAB Policy
This policy describes UAB and UAB Medicine's commitment to following approved hiring procedures and outlines the responsibilities Human Resources regarding these procedures.
UAB Policy
This policy describes accepted methods of recruiting for vacant positions.
UAB Policy
This policy reviews the salary determination policy for UAB and UAB Medicine.
UAB Policy
This policy states that UAB employees must refrain from employment decisions and evaluations involving immediate family members or another UAB employee who resides in the same household.
UAB Policy
This policy states all new UAB employees are issued a photo identification badge. Details on badge use for both university and hospital employees are included in the document.
UAB Policy
This policy gives an overview of New Employee Orientation.
UAB Procedure
This procedure defines plans for UAB Hospital employees in case of severe weather which may include work status of "standby" or "24 hour duty".
UAB Policy
This policy details the processing of ACT documents by HR Records Administration.
UAB Policy
This policy implements the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 for faculty members and for administrative, professional, and support staff of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
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