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UAB Guideline
The Conflict of Interest Review Board (CIRB) Guidelines for Investigators outlines the responsibilites of investigators, the CIRB, and other university parties when managing financial conflicts of interest.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This document details an investigator's requirements and responsibilities related to disclosures and other forms of research compliance.
UAB Policy
This policy defines the circumstances that constitute an IRB member and consultant conflict of interest. Immediate family members, dependents, and anyone else who has a personal, professional, or financial tie with an IRB member or consultant may not be reviewed by that member or consultant.
UAB Policy
This policy details the process for reviewing and handling financial (or other) conflicts of interest surrounding the investigator of a proposed project.
UAB Procedure
This procedure lists responsibilities of the IRB and the OIRB in managing conflicting interests of IRB members and IRB consultants.
UAB Procedure
This procedure outlines the responsibilities of the Investigator, IRB, and OIRB for handling Investigator and Institutional Conflicts of Interest.
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