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UAB Policy
This policy defines the classification/status of a UAB employee who may serve as a principal investigator on externally sponsored grants and contracts. This policy will also help OSP’s user community understand why, in certain cases, the PI of record for the funding entity may not be the PI of record for UAB. For example, on certain training or fellowship grants, UAB designates the mentor as the PI, whereas NIH designates the student as the PI.
UAB Policy
This policy outlines the requirements for formulating contracts with sponsors of proposed research.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This document details an investigator's requirements and responsibilities related to disclosures and other forms of research compliance.
UAB Policy
This policy details the definitions of unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects in UAB research, and outlines the procedures to be followed should such a problem arise.
UAB Policy
This policy explains UAB's commitment to its compliance with the DHHS Policy on Protection of Human Subjects.
UAB Policy
This policy details the additional safeguards that must be used when conducting research that involves children.
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