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UAB Policy
Student Affairs Policy XIV-02 describes the Campus Card Program. Included in the document is information on cardholder eligibility, Campus Card acquisition, and restrictions of use.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This manual outlines proper safety procedures for the use and disposal of chemicals in UAB facilities.
UAB Handbook Entry
This section of the Faculty Handbook describes departmental, school and/or library committee procedures for faculty appointments, reappointments, promotions and tenure.
UAB Policy
This policy describes the two types of cost sharing, "mandatory" and "voluntary," their purposes within the Univeristy, and the cost sharing requirements by federal cost accounting regulations.
UAB Policy
This policy details information on Conflicts of Commitment for UAB employees.
UAB Policy
This policy provides information on Conflicts of Interest for UAB employees.
UAB Guideline
The Conflict of Interest Review Board (CIRB) Guidelines for Investigators outlines the responsibilites of investigators, the CIRB, and other university parties when managing financial conflicts of interest.
UAB Policy
Student Affairs policy VII-003 outlines the criteria for recognition of organizations.
UAB Policy
UAB will comply with copyright law and license agreements entered into with vendors or authors of computer software. No illegally obtained or illegally copied computer software is allowed at UAB. UAB does not condone illegal copying of computer software or the use of illegally copied or obtained computer software.
UAB Policy
Student Affairs policy VII-036 discusses the regulations regarding co-sponsorship of student life programs by non-UAB groups.