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UAB Policy
The purpose of effort reporting is to comply with federal government mandates to ensure the proper charging of labor costs to federally and non-federally sponsored activities at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). This includes salaries, wages, and benefits.
UAB Policy
This policy details the Educational Assistance Program, a benefit available to most UAB employees. This document includes specifications on eligibility and the number of course work hours supported.
UAB Policy
This policy details the conditions and guidelines for hiring foreign nationals as employees of UAB.
UAB Policy
This policy details the process and requirements regarding the employment of minors.
UAB Guideline
In some instances, reasonable entertainment costs may be funded by UAB. This document describes the types of events which may be compensated by the university.
UAB Policy
UAB is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment, and the maintenance and promotion of nondiscrimination and prevention of discriminatory harassment in all aspects of education, recruitment and employment of individuals throughout the university.
UAB Policy
Any employee airline ticket purchase which is to be paid for directly by a UAB department or unit from a UAB account must be ordered through the UAB Travel Center. This document provides information on the processing of airline ticket requests through the UAB Travel Center. Also included are the required procedures for those departments who choose to purchase airline tickets without using the UAB Travel Center.
UAB Policy
UAB may reimburse moving expenses for certain types of employees. UAB typically covers only the cost of a professional moving company's transportation of household goods. Certain restrictions regarding the time of the move and expenses apply.
UAB Procedure
UAB sub-recipient agreements (third-party agreements) must be in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and terms and conditions included in UAB’s prime award(s). Certain procedures have been established to ensure proper monitoring of these agreements.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This policy describes the conditions of the State of Alabama's Ethics Law. All UAB employees (faculty, staff, and student workers) are expected to adhere to the standards of this law.