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UAB Policy Library Entry
This manual describes the hazards and safety precautions associated with the use of lasers. A copy of this manual must be available in facilities using Class 3b or Class 4 lasers.
UAB Policy
This policy details the circumstances under which UAB employees are eligible for leave with out pay. Those instances include family and medical leave, educational leave, personal leave, and active military service.
UAB Policy
This policy details the types of life insurance coverage available to UAB employees. This document lists the terms of available plans, schedule insurance and rules for conversion.
UAB Policy
There are three designated libraries within the University of Alabama at Birmingham: Lister Hill Library; Mervyn H. Sterne Library; and Reynolds Historical Library.
UAB Policy
All laboratories and related support areas in all UAB buildings, facilities, and spaces shall be labeled with the name and after hours telephone number of the principal investigator and two alternates.
UAB Policy
UAB may pay an employee's license fee provided that certain conditions are met. If the required conditions are not met, then the cost of the license (or license renewal) must be treated as a personal expense.
UAB Policy
This policy describes the long-term disability insurance plan available to eligible UAB employees.
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