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UAB Policy
This policy describes accepted methods of recruiting for vacant positions.
UAB Policy
This policy establishes guidelines requiring all UAB operating units to institute and implement an appropriate records management program.
UAB Guideline
This guide details the requirements associated with using lead aprons in UAB facilities. This document also includes safety precautions associated with lead aprons, a listing of specific types of aprons, criteria for purchase, replacement or repair of aprons, and proper disposal of aprons after use.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This document details the safety procedures associated with the proper use and disposal of radioactive materials.
UAB Policy
This policy describes the retirement program, the Teacher's Retirement System of Alabama, available to UAB full-time and regular part-time employees.
UAB Policy
This policy identifies circumstances under which individuals may retain their original service date upon being rehired.
UAB Handbook Entry
This section of the Faculty Handbook describes the process for reappointment and non-reappointment of non-tenure-earning and tenure-earning faculty.
UAB Policy
Student Affairs policy VII-005 discusses regulations regarding the release of student organization officers' and advisers' information.
UAB Policy
Any proposed real estate acquisition must be reviewed and recommended by the UAB Real Estate Acquisition Committee.
UAB Policy
This policy contains information concerning the re-employment of UAB retirees.