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UAB Policy
This policy describes the circumstances and procedures that relate to termination of employment at UAB.
UAB Guideline
This document outlines six classifications of reimbursed travelers. If an individual does not fall into one of these six categories, he/she will not be reimbursed by the University for travel expenses. This document also provides links to information on employee travel and employee travel expenses.
UAB Policy
Student Affairs policy VII-002 describes the different types of established student organizations.
UAB Policy
Student Affairs policy VII-006 discusses the role of a student organization adviser.
UAB Policy Library Entry
This document contains guidelines for Income Payments to alien individuals.
UAB Policy
All UAB property is considered by the State of Alabama to be State property. Therefore, it is rare to transfer ownership of property unless certain conditions require UAB to relinquish the property in question. This policy outlines those conditions and procedures for transferring the ownership of UAB property.
UAB Policy
This policy describes Temporary Services and the services provided.
UAB Procedure
This procedure states the process and requirements for each department when using the Oracle TEL document for the final submission of time. Details and submission guidelines are included.
UAB Policy
This policy outlines the instructions for evacuation of Commons on the Green.