Faculty Handbook-2.4 UAB Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee

Faculty Handbook-2.4 UAB Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee

This section of the Faculty Handbook describes the function of the UAB Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee.
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2.4 UAB Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee

The Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) is a standing committee of the UAB Faculty Senate. It is charged with the responsibility of providing advice, through the Faculty Senate, to the President on the basis of a periodic examination of current and proposed faculty policies and procedures at UAB. It reviews existing UAB policies and procedures, which affect faculty, and considers changes to the Faculty Handbook and Policies. The FPPC also provides feedback on policies developed or revised by Enterprise and University compliance committees. Feedback from the FPPC concerning policies developed or revised by Enterprise or University compliance committees are forwarded to the initiating committee and copied to the Chair of the Senate.   

Membership of the FPPC will consist of the Chair-elect of the Senate; the Chair (who must be a full time faculty member and senator without an academic administrator position above the department chair) appointed by the Chair of the Faculty; one Senator or Alternate Senator from each of the constituent units (schools, Joint Health Sciences departments, libraries); and three Senators or Alternate Senators from the College of Arts and Sciences.  Ad hoc (non-voting) members of the FPPC will be one faculty member selected by the President, and one faculty member in the Provost Office responsible for faculty affairs and selected by the Provost. The Legal Counsel to UAB is ex-officio, a non-voting permanent member of this committee.  If a regular member of the FPPC cannot attend a meeting, that member should ask that a Senator or Alternate Senator representing the member's school or unit attend on the member's behalf.  This individual will have voting rights.  A quorum for the FPPC will be 50% of its voting members.  The current Chair of the Senate Faculty Affairs Committee shall serve as an ex-officio member of the FPPC during his or her term of office.

The committee shall meet at least annually, or more frequently as agreed upon by the committee members.

Recommendations from the committee concerning revisions to the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies or to existing policies and procedures are forwarded to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate must make final recommendations to the President regarding changes to the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies or to existing policies and procedures.