Initial Appointments of Faculty

Initial Appointments of Faculty

This section of the Faculty Handbook describes recruitment process guidelines for initial appointments at UAB.
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2.12 Initial Appointments of Faculty
2.12.1 Appointments with Tenure
2.12.2 Appointments as Instructor or Assistant Librarian
2.12.3 Appointments as Assistant Professor or Associate Professor
2.12.4 Appointments as Professor

2.12 Initial Appointments of Faculty

For all full-time regular tenured or full-time regular tenure-earning positions, recruitment at the national level is required. For all full-time or part-time regular non-tenure-earning positions, recruitment at the national level is required unless otherwise justified and approved by the dean and Provost.

The process to make a new appointment is initiated by the department chair upon completion of recruitment and selection in accordance with all approved department, school, library, and UAB policies and procedures. Upon recommendation of the department chair and approval by the appropriate dean and the Provost, an offer of appointment may be made by the chair/dean. This offer shall be contingent on final approval by the President.

All appointments must be made in accordance with UAB hiring practices and government regulations and following acceptance by the candidate of the initial offer of appointment must be approved by the President.            

All appointments must be made in compliance with “Faculty Credentials,” the procedures for documenting and verifying credentials must be followed, and the documentation must be included in the prospective faculty member's recruitment file.  In part because the credential guidelines are based on earned degrees, before an appointment may be finalized an official transcript of the course work completed for the terminal degree(s) is required.  All offers of appointment must include a request for the transcript.  After the faculty member has accepted appointment to UAB, the documentation verifying credentials must be retained and maintained as part of the faculty member's official, permanent UAB personnel file.

In the case of tenure-earning appointments, the date which defines the start, and therefore the completion, of the tenure-earning period shall be determined by the date of appointment if it is October 1.  If the appointment date comes after October 1, the October 1 which next follows the initial appointment date to a tenure-earning position shall determine the start of the tenure-earning period.

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2.12.1 Appointments with Tenure

The school, library, and, if applicable, department tenure and promotion committees  shall review an offer of initial appointment with tenure prior to approval of such an offer by the dean, the Provost, and the President. 

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2.12.2 Appointments as Instructor

Unless otherwise specified in writing, initial appointments at the rank of Instructor at UAB shall be for one year and may be renewed annually.

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2.12.3 Appointments as Assistant Professor or Associate Professor

Initial tenure-earning appointments at the ranks of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor shall be for two years unless a shorter period is designated in writing. Tenure-earning appointments may be renewed annually for one year thereafter until the probationary period expires or tenure is awarded.

Non-tenure-earning faculty appointed to these ranks may be appointed or reappointed for periods of one to five years.             

All appointments below the rank of Associate Professor shall be without tenure. Initial appointment at the rank of Associate Professor or above may be offered with or without tenure.

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2.12.4 Appointments as Professor

Appointments to the faculty at the rank of Professor may be tenured, tenure-earning or non-tenure-earning. Tenure-earning appointments to these ranks are made for at least one year and are renewed annually until tenure is awarded. Non-tenure-earning faculty may be appointed to these ranks for periods of one to five years.

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