Co-Sponsorship of Student Life Programs by Non-UAB Groups - Student Affairs (Policy VII-036)

Co-Sponsorship of Student Life Programs by Non-UAB Groups - Student Affairs (Policy VII-036)

Student Affairs policy VII-036 discusses the regulations regarding co-sponsorship of student life programs by non-UAB groups.
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Staff, Students
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Policy Number: SA VII-036
Policy Date: 9/12/00


Subject: Co-Sponsorship of Student Life Programs by Non-UAB Groups

Programs funded by the Office of Student Life are intended to enhance the educational experience and maximize the total development of students through their involvement in various programs, services, activities, organizations. This provides parameters by which the office of Student Life will enter into co-sponsorship of programs/activities with non-UAB groups. This may include corporations, non-profit organizations, individuals, or other interested parties. Co-sponsorship may include shared expenses, in-kind items, shared staffing of activities, or free programs.

The following stipulations must be followed when the Office of Student Life is considering co-sponsorship of a program or activity with outside groups:

  1. All programs accepted for co-sponsorship must offer some benefit to the UAB community as determined by the Student Life staff in consultation with the Assistant Vice President for Student life.
  2. All programs should in some way promote the philosophy of the Office of Student Life (as outlined in the opening statement and in Policy SA VII-001).
  3. All banners, posters, flyers, etc., advertising co-sponsored events must correctly reflect the UAB logo and give credit to the UAB department or program.
  4. Permission to hang banners, set up information tables, etc., must be according to UAB policy.
  5. Any advertising or marketing items for co-sponsored events must be approved by the Student Life Office prior to distribution. Such information should be submitted 30 days in advance for timely approval.