Criteria for Recognition of Organizations/Privileges and Recognition - Student Affairs (Policy VII-003)

Criteria for Recognition of Organizations/Privileges and Recognition - Student Affairs (Policy VII-003)

Student Affairs policy VII-003 outlines the criteria for recognition of organizations.
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Policy Number: SA VII-003
Policy Date: 7/31/06


Subject: Criteria for Recognition of Organizations/Privileges and Recognition

I.  Criteria for Recognition of Organizations

  1. All student organizations shall be open to any student who meets membership requirements. Membership in the organization shall be limited to currently enrolled University of Alabama at Birmingham students, except as indicated here. Organizations are permitted to include community members, UAB faculty and staff, and/pr spouses of students, faculty and staff, when provided by the organization's constitution. professional organizations may include individuals of the professional and business communities as associate members. Executive positions in all organizations are limited to UAB students only. Associate members should have no voting rights.

Organizations that choose their memberships on the basis of restrictive clauses dealing with race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, or those that would deny access to persons with disabilities are not permitted to function at UAB. It is understood that some organizations are created to deepen the religious faith of students with denominational or interdemoninational grouping and that some organizations may be created for perpetuating a national or cultural tradition. Social fraternities and sororities, because they are exempt from title IX requirements, are permitted to retain their same-sex membership status. When these purposes are clearly stated in the constitution or bylaws and appear to be reasonable, the organization may be recognized through regular procedures. The followingstatement must be included in the constitution of each student organization requesting recognition:

The University of Alabama at Birmingham and (organization name) administers its educational programs and activities, including admission, without regard to race color, religion, sex, national origin, disability unrelated to job performance disability unrelated to program performance, disabled veteran status, or Vietnam era veteran status.

  1. An organization must represent the interest of the members, and the control of the organization must be within the local campus group. The organization may not a) have illegal goals and objectives; b) advocate or support the overthrow of the United States government; c) propose or participate in activities which would violate regulations of the Board of Trustees, UAB, or federal, state or local laws and regulations, or materially and substantially disrupt the work and discipline of UAB; or d) advocate inticement of imminent lawlessness which may produce such action referred to in (c) above.
  1. Recognition of student organizations by Student Life and UAB shall not imply support for any student organization’s purpose, philosophy, or activity. UAB will not assume any legal liability for activities of student organizations. Recognized student organizations are private, voluntary associations and are not official UAB components. Recognition is simply a means by which student organizations may receive standard privileges granted when certain minimum requirements are met. No student organization shall use the name of the University of Alabama at Birmingham or any seal or symbol of the University or of UAB in any manner whatever, except in accordance with the policy regarding use of the name and seal of UAB. Recognized organizations may list their name as________Group at UAB. UAB is not responsible for injuries or damages to persons or property resulting from the activities of student organizations or for any debts or liabilities incurred by such organizations. Student organizations shall be responsible and liable for the conduct and actions of each member of the organization while acting in the capacity of a member or while attending or participating in any activity of the organization.
  1. The purposes, policies, and objectives of an organization must not be in conflict or competition with the educational goals and functions of UAB.
  1. The organization must have a minimum of five (5) current student charter members, and there must be a demonstration of continuous interest in the purposes of the organization sufficient to afford registration on a long-term basis. These members must sign and submit a petition for recognition (petitions are available in the Office of Student Leadership, HUC 440).
  1. The signature, title, campus phone number, e-mail, and address of a full-time member of the faculty or staff indicating his or her willingness to serve as adviser to the organization. Please see policy SA VII –006 for the role of the adviser.
  1. The student group must submit two copies of its Constitution and Statement of Purpose (example copies are available) to the Office of Student Leadership.
  1. Incomplete, non-signed applications or applications signed by a non-registered student will be denied registration until the application has been resubmitted with the necessary changes.
  1. Organizations that have been inactive for one year or less can fill out a renewal form; otherwise, they must go through the registration process again.
  1. Registration may be denied to new organizations whose purposes are within the scope of a currently registered organization. An organization may not use a name which is the same as a currently registered organization.
  1. Recognition will be granted after approval by the Assistant Vice President for Student Life or designee. The organization will be notified that it is a newly recognized organization.
  1. Any group of students which meets regularly, elects officers, collects dues, or produces/sponsors a program, or function in other ways which are consistent with the functions of an organization, is required to seek official UAB approval. These groups must be recognized by Student Life in order to function as an organization at UAB.
  1. Student Organizations comprised of undergraduates also may seek recognition by the Undergraduate Student Government Association:
  1. Student groups recognized by the USGA are eligible for funding from that organization. All groups granted recognition by the USGA have already been recognized by the Office of Student Life.
  2. The student group must submit a petition with the signatures of at least five (5) charter members. These charter members must be currently enrolled at UAB and must be currently enrolled as UAB undergraduates.The student group must submit two copies of its Constitution & Statement of Purpose.
  3. The USGA will follow the established legislative process for recognition of student organizations.
  4. The USGA will notify all newly recognized student organizations.
  5. A student organization’s status with the USGA is only good for one academic year. Organizations must file the appropriate paperwork on a yearly basis in order to remain active with the USGA.
  1. Other Student Groups Seeking Recognition:

Student groups seeking recognition by academic departments or schools other than Student Life and the USGA should contact the appropriate academic dean or student affairs officer. The recognition process may vary from school to school.

  1. Recognized student organizations must attend a mandatory student organization orientation.

II.  Privileges of Being a Recognized Student Organization

     Standard privileges are granted to all student organizations that complete the recognition process:

  1. Limited use of UAB facilities/space
  2. Sponsorship of events on campus
  3. On-campus advertising, including banner space, HUC lightboard,
  4. The privilege to hold on-campus solicitation and fundraising activities
  5. Organizations can apply for on-campus mailbox located in the HUC (limited space available)
  6. Organizations can apply for storage space or desk space (limited space available)
  7. Use of equipment such as staging, spotlights, canopy tents, outdoor equipment, markers, I.D. size laminator, button maker, etc.
  8. Eligible to participate in Organizational Activity Fairs (including orientation/recruitment days)
  9. Being listed in various UAB publications such as Direction and the Campus Directory
  10. The privilege to establish dues
  11. The privilege to grant awards and honors to organization members
  12. USGA-recognized groups may request funds from Student Government