Conditions of Maintaining Recognition for Student Organizations - Student Affairs (Policy VII-004)

Conditions of Maintaining Recognition for Student Organizations - Student Affairs (Policy VII-004)

Student Affairs policy VII-004 outlines the conditions of maintaining recognition for student organizations.
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Staff, Students
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Policy Number: SA VII-004
Policy Date: 8/8/06


Subject: Conditions of Maintaining Recognition for Student Organizations

  1. Recognition status of a student organization shall be subject to an annual review by UAB.
  2. Recognition status shall be contingent upon the organization’s demonstration of compliance with the following conditions. The organization must:
    1. Continue to meet all of the requirements for initial recognition identified in SA VII-003.
    2. Adhere to the purposes, goals, and objectives as stated in the approved constitution and bylaws.
    3. Remain in compliance with all UAB rules and regulations and federal, state, and local laws.
    4. Submit all changes in the constitution and bylaws for approval to the Office of Student Leadership (HUC 440).
    5. Maintain a current list of officers and advisers with the Office of Student Leadership (HUC 440).  Provide, upon request, to the Office of Student Leadership a list of all members, except for “just” cause.  The Assistant Vice President for Student Life or designee will hear appeals for exceptions to this policy.
    6. Properly schedule all sponsored events that are held on campus through the appropriate scheduling office(s).
    7. Submit a complete Organization Update Form with five (5) currently enrolled student signatures to the Office of Student Leadership (HUC 440) upon request in the fall and spring terms.
    8. Maintain email addresses for the organization president and adviser that must be checked weekly.
    9. Participate in a minimum of one UAB Day coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
    10. Participate in a minimum of one New Student Orientation (freshman or transfer) during summer term.
    11. Have at least one member attend a student organization orientation conference per calendar year coordinated by the Office of Student Leadership

        Note: Organizations existing within Optometry, Medicine, Dentistry and select graduate level programs may be exempt from i.-k. above.  Organizations must receive an exemption from these items through the UAB Office of Student Leadership.  Contact 934-8020 with questions.

      1. UAB shall not be responsible for injuries or damages to persons or property resulting from the activities of student organizations or for any debts or liabilities incurred by such organizations. Student organizations shall be responsible and liable for the conduct and actions of each member of the organization while acting on behalf of the organization or while attending or participating in any activity of the organization.
      2. Organizations which violate UAB regulations are subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Handbook, Direction. Disciplinary action will be determined by the UAB Non-academic Judicial Affairs Officer. Such action may include, but not be limited to:
      1. Limitation of privileges
      2. Social probation for the organization
      3. Temporary suspension of the organization’s activities
      4. Withdrawal of recognition of the organization
      5. Community service hours
      1. Pursuant to the policy of the University, no lease or other agreement affecting real property for a period in excess of one year or for rental in excess of $12,000 per year shall be entered into between the University and an organization without the approval of the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees or their designees.