Use of Mini Park by Student Organizations - Student Affairs (Policy VII-017)

Use of Mini Park by Student Organizations - Student Affairs (Policy VII-017)

Student Affairs policy VII-017 outlines regulations regarding the use of the Mini-park by student organizations.
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Office of Student Life

Policy Number: SA VII-017
Policy Date: 9/12/00


Subject: Use of Mini Park by Student Organizations

Student organizations using the Mini-park shall comply with all UAB regulations regarding the scheduling and use of the Mini-park.  In addition to these regulations, student organizations shall be required to adhere to the following:

  1. Security requirements for events taking place in the Mini-park are to be determined jointly by the Assistant Vice President for Student Life and the UAB Chief of Police.  Arrangements for security must be made by the sponsoring organization through the Office of Student Leadership in Room 440 of the Hill University Center at least fourteen days prior to the event.  Checks/money orders to pay associated costs also must be submitted by this deadline.
  2. Student organizations must identify a representative to be a contact person/liaison with the UAB Police.  This person is to be identified at the time security arrangements are made and must identify himself or herself to UAB Police prior to the start of events.
  3. The student organization is required to have its faculty/staff advisor in attendance for the duration of sponsored events.
  4. For events which take place in the evening, student organizations may be required to provide portable lighting for certain areas of the Mini-park.  The requirement for portable lighting shall be determined by the Assistant Vice President for Student Life.
  5. The group is solely responsible for clean-up of the facility.  All trash, liter, etc., must be placed in the trash receptacles.  The facility must be left in a clean and orderly condition; if this is not done, the group will be levied a maintenance charge of $75.00 minimum.  If misuse of the facility warrants, a higher maintenance charge will be imposed, and the group will be compelled to relinquish all privileges for using the facility for the remainder of the current term and the following term.
  6. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are permitted in the Mini-park.
  7. Student organizations requesting booking of the Mini-park must complete the Facility Request and Approval Form and must submit the form to the Office of Student Leadership, HUC 440.
  8. The faculty/staff advisor or officer of the sponsoring organization will be required to endorse the following affidavit:

I have read and understand the policies governing the use of the UAB Mini-park and agree to inform the members of my organization of said policies.