Sidewalk Chalking on University Surfaces - Student Affairs (Policy VII-041)

Sidewalk Chalking on University Surfaces - Student Affairs (Policy VII-041)

Student Affairs policy VII-041 outlines regulations regarding the use of sidewalk chalk on UAB surfaces.
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Policy Number: SA VII-041
Policy Date: 10/9/00


Subject: Sidewalk Chalking on University Surfaces

  1. Sidewalk chalk on any UAB surface is prohibited except with prior approval and completion of the attached form. Interested groups may obtain the appropriate form and submit a completed form to the Office of Student Life, HUC 110, 934-4175. This office must receive the completed form at least seven (7) days in advance of the actual event.
  2. Requests for permission to chalk sidewalks/surfaces will be accepted from any funded programming entity of the University and/or recognized student organizations. All chalking must pertain to a particular event as stated on the request form and not reference other activities.
  3. If near a UAB building, permission will also be granted by the administrator responsible for that facility. For chalking near the Hill University Center, contact the Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Finance at 934-6290. For most academic buildings, contact the Provost Facilities Coordinator at 934-8751.
  4. Events will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  5. No vulgar/profane language or illustrations may be chalked on any surface.
  6. Chalking is only permitted on sidewalks and outdoor walkways. Chalking is prohibited on any building surface.
  7. Approval for chalking will be granted for specific areas as stated on request form. Chalking in non-designated areas could result in loss of future privileges for the group or individual in violation. Groups should not chalk within 25 feet of building entrance doors so as to avoid tracking chalk into facilities.
  8. Any violation of this policy may result in damage/cleanup expenses being incurred by the organization/individual and/or sponsoring program, as well as other sanctions. A minimum fine of $50 will result for violation of above regulations.