Drug-free Workplace Policy-Attachment C

Drug-free Workplace Policy-Attachment C

This attachment to the Drug-Free Workplace Policy describes available programs through UAB offering counseling and assistance for drug and alcohol abuse.
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None Assigned
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Faculty, Staff
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Drug-free Workplace Policy - Attachment C

"Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Programs"

March 10, 1992

[This page revised August 5, 1998]

Employee Services

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program was established to provide comprehensive counseling and referral services to all UAB employees or their dependents with drug- and/or alcohol-related problems. Referrals for services are confidential and may include the following:

UAB Mental Health Services Center for Psychiatric Medicine
1713 Sixth Avenue, South
Birmingham, Alabama 35294-0018
ACCESS line 934-7008

UAB Substance Abuse Program
401 Beacon Parkway West
Birmingham, Alabama 35209

UAB Benevolent Fund

Other non-UAB, off-campus services are available in the Birmingham area and in many of the foreign countries in which UAB conducts programs of study. Such counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation services are too numerous to list here, but anyone needing assistance with locating such off-campus or foreign country services may contact one of the programs listed above, the UAB Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, or the UAB Center for International Programs, as appropriate.