Hiring Approval Policy

Hiring Approval Policy

This policy describes UAB's commitment to following approved hiring procedures, and outlines the responsibilities of university and hospital employment offices regarding the hiring process.
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Faculty, Staff
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University of Alabama at Birmingham


July 3, 1989


The University of Alabama at Birmingham seeks to ensure that the best employment decisions are made when filling vacancies in its workforce. UAB has always depended on, and will continue to depend on, the decisions of departmental managers and search committees for this purpose. One of the roles of the UAB Office of Personnel Administration is to document that all the steps required by University personnel policy and federal regulations have been followed in relation to hiring procedures prior to notification to the new employee of the hiring decision. The following policy is designed to monitor the process such that documentation of the hiring decision is available and complies with internal personnel policy and federal regulations.

Policy Statement

Among its many responsibilities as an employer and a recipient of federal grants and contracts, the University of Alabama at Birmingham must consider the rights of all job applicants, must evaluate carefully the candidates for employment, and must follow approved hiring procedures. To ensure that all of the University’s responsibilities are met, only the Office of Personnel Administration’s Employment Division and Hospital Personnel Division have the authority (1) to complete the final review of, and to grant final approval of, non-academic "regular" staff hiring recommendations which have been developed elsewhere in the University and (2) to notify such new employees of that approval. That notification will not be given until the Employment Division or the Hospital Personnel Division has verified that all appropriate employment policies and procedures have been followed and that all appropriate approvals have been obtained.

As a corollary to the policy stated above, no person may report to work prior to the date of final approval and notification of hire by the Employment Division or by the Hospital Personnel Division.