Disciplinary Documentation - HR Policy 604

All written corrective actions should be documented by the appropriate supervisor and sent to HR Employee Relations. The documention will then be forwarded to HR Records for placement in the employee's permanent personnel file.
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Policy 604 – Disciplinary Documentation

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 06/09

All corrective actions to include: written counseling, written warnings, imposed probation, suspensions, requested resignations, demotions or dismissal should be documented by the appropriate supervisor or department head involved, and the documentation should be sent to HR Employee Relations. The information contained in the document will be logged into a database and then forwarded to HR Records Administration for placement in the employee's official, permanent personnel file. Written evidence to support any action should be available in the employee’s official, permanent personnel file for review by the HR Employee Relations staff, external investigators, or Problem Resolution Procedure committee members.

It is important to document and retain a record of corrective actions because investigations by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or other regulatory agencies generally occur months or years after the action. Oftentimes the individuals involved in past disciplinary actions either change roles or are no longer employed by UAB.