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School of Dentistry Dr. Kohtaro Fujihashi 
School of Engineering Dr. Jack Rogers
School of Health Related Professions Dr. Tim Nagy
School of Medicine Dr. Harald Schroeder 
College of Arts & Science Dr. David C. Schwebel   
School of Optometry Dr. Tom Norton  
School of Public Health Dr. Eric Chamot
School of Nursing Dr. Patricia A. Patrician
Professional Development Program/Educational Services Dr. Julia Austin
International Scholar and Student Services Ms. Lisa Townsend   
Office of Equity and Diversity Dr. Carolyn Braswell  

Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) 

Ms. Melissa McBrayer
Southern Research Institute Dr. Bo Xu
Career Services Suzanne Scott-Trammell
PDA Executive Board    
Chair Dr. Teruko Bredemann

Vice Chair Dr. Jessica Grunda
Secretary vacant position  
PDA Newsletter Co-Editor

Dr. Tanecia Mitchell

PDA Newsletter Co-Editor

vacant position

PDA Newsletter Co-Editor

vacant position

Social Media (including LinkedIN and Facebook)

vacant position

Social Media (including LinkedIN and Facebook) Dr. Bertha Hidalgo

Postdoc Research Day Committee vacant position  
Postdoc Research Day Committee Dr. Jessica Grunda

Balance in Science Committee Dr. Teruko Bredemann
Balance in Science Committee Dr. Jennifer McLarty
Balance in Science Committee Dr. LaToya Paul
Graduate School Dr. Susan Rich
  Dr. Bryan Noe

Postdocs in UAB News

  • After 30 years at UAB, VP Marchase announces plans to retire
    Longtime VP for Research and Economic Development Richard B. Marchase, Ph.D., plans to retire at the end of 2016. During his tenure, UAB annual research expenditures grew from $331 million to $510 million.
  • New role for immature brain neurons in the dentate gyrus identified
    Researchers have proposed a model that resolves a seeming paradox in one of the most intriguing areas of the brain, exploring how immature granule cells in the dentate gyrus appear able to enhance pattern separation due to lesser synaptic connectivity than mature cells.
  • Palliative care makes every moment count
    Palliative care helps patients get the most out of life, whether they’re newly diagnosed, a survivor, or nearing the end of their journey. UAB’s palliative care pioneers provide a fresh look at the fast-growing specialty and its emphasis on listening, choices, patient goals, and quality of life.
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