Course Directors: 

Lisa M. Schwiebert, Ph.D. 

Dan Bullard, PhD

Writing Fellowship Applications GRD 709 (3 credit hours)

Offered in the Spring

Course learning objectives: By successfully completing this course a trainee should be able to i) write a complete grant application for submission to an external funding agency; ii) submit the grant for funding; and iii) understand grant-related administrative oversight.  Documented submission of a completed grant application for mock study section review will be used to measure attainment of learning objectives.

Course Activities: GRD 709 comprises weekly meetings that include a combination of didactic, peer review, and group discussion sessions during which faculty work together with trainees to construct competitive grant applications. The sessions address and integrate elements of grant writing, which include identifying an appropriate grant mechanism, drafting each grant section, and reviewing applications.

To take this class, a trainee must become a non-degree seeking graduate student, and register through BlazerNet. The tution benefit offered through the OPE will pay the fees. 

Class meeting schedule:

The class will  meet January - April. Postdocs must register by December 1.