Mentor: Dr. Kejin Hu, Assistant Professor, UAB Stem Cell Institute, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, 705 Shelby Interdisciplinary Biomedical Building, Birmingham, AL 35294.  Telephone: (205) 934-4700, Fax: (205) 975-3335.

A Postdoctoral position or a research associate position is available in Stem Cell Institute, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham. The postdoctoral fellow will study the molecular mechanisms of human somatic cell reprogramming towards the pluripotent state. Interested should hold a PhD or MD degree with strong background in molecular biology and cell biology. Experience with pluripotent stem cells are desired, but not required. Consideration will be given only to applicants with good verbal and written English communication skills, and with publication record in English-language, peer-reviewed journals. Those who do not have passion for science should not apply. To apply, please send CV to together with contact information of three references (name, position, telephone number, email address and professional relationship with applicant).

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    Longtime VP for Research and Economic Development Richard B. Marchase, Ph.D., plans to retire at the end of 2016. During his tenure, UAB annual research expenditures grew from $331 million to $510 million.
  • New role for immature brain neurons in the dentate gyrus identified
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