Mentor:  Michael Niederweis, PhD, Professor, Microbiology and Biochemistry, 845 19th Street South, BBRB 609, Birmingham, AL 35294-2710,205-996-2711 phone, 205-996-4008 fax, mnieder@uab.edu

Two POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS are available in the UAB Microbiology Department:

1. A revolutionary method of sequencing DNA utilizes nanopores. The porin MspA was discuvered by us and has become the nanopore for DNA sequencing (PNAS 107, 16060: 2010; Nat. Biotechnol. 30, 349; 2012). The goal of this project is to improve the properties of the MspA pore for DNA sequencing by protein engineering. Experience with protein design, modeling, biochemistry and purification is required and must be documented in publications. A background in electrophysiology is beneficial.

2. Iron is an essential nutrient for most bacteria including Mycobacterium tuberculosis. We have discovered a new siderophore secretion system and identified iron utilization as a key virulence trait of Mtb (PLoS Pathogens 9, e1003120; 2013). The goal of this project is to characterize membrane transporter required for uptake of siderophores and heme. Experience in molecular microbiology, preferable with pathogenic bacteria, is required and must be documented in publications.

Please send your cv to Michael Niederweis (mnieder@uab.edu).

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