Appointment Protection

The initial letter of offer specifies that the term of appointment at the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a postdoctoral scholar is for one year, subject to all rules and regulations, and can be renewed up to three more years (Four (4) years total). Postdoctoral scholars must be notified by their mentors in writing at least three months in advance that their appointment will not be renewed for the next year. Under special circumstances, postdoctoral scholars may be eligible for a fifth year of training, with the approval of the Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Education.

UAB News

  • It was this symbol of the classical Western hero of yore that led researchers Drs. Mark B. Cope and David B. Allison of the University of Alabama at Birmingham to label a specific kind of bias, “White Hat Bias,” that they first identified in their review of the literature on obesity.

  • They're also subject to normal cognitive aging, which brings with it a decline in numeracy skills, processing speed, flexible decision-making and short-term memory, says Daniel Marson, a professor of neurology and director of the Alzheimer's Disease Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.