I am very thankful for my experience with PREP. It provided opportunities for me that were life-changing. PREP helped me to bring my GRE scores up. It also helped me to make a stronger personal statement. Before PREP, my personal statement was not very convincing. PREP helped me to make my personal statement into a story that everyone could understand. One invaluable tool that PREP gave me was research experience. I wasn’t aware of the impact that research had on the scientific world until I was in PREP. The research experience that I gained while in PREP gave me a new outlook on my future career goals. The classes, seminars, and workshops in PREP helped to mold me into a better thinker. PREP also helped me to become more comfortable with presenting in front of an audience. PREP also gave me the opportunity to attend my first biomedical research conference, ABRCMS. This conference allowed me to interact with top schools around the country and learn about the various routes to take in research. Overall, PREP has made me into a better scientist and I appreciate everything that PREP has done for me. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the Cancer Biology theme.