Welcome to the University of Alabama at Birmingham

UAB President Dr. Ray L. Watts

Thank you for taking time to explore our university online.

Ours is a remarkable and singular story in higher education. From our origins as a fledgling medical complex and modest “extension center” of the University of Alabama in the mid-20th century, UAB has evolved into one of the most dynamic and productive universities of the 21st century. In four short decades since becoming an autonomous campus in 1969, this institution has risen to global renown for our intensely collaborative research and patient care, our novel academic programs, and our robust culture of innovation.

Central to UAB’s ascent has been the longtime partnership with our community to drive the economic and cultural renaissance of Birmingham, which is now a thriving nexus for research, health care and technology transfer. Once known as the “Magic City” for its booming steel trade, the Birmingham metro area and UAB have now built a boomtown of a different sort, working a different kind of magic, and successfully mining a resource much more precious in the 21st century:  The intellectual capital to keep Alabama and the U.S. competitive in today’s global, knowledge economy.

As we strive to make even greater advances in the five pillars of our mission--Education, Research, Patient Care, Service and Economic Development--UAB is currently engaged in the most comprehensive strategic planning process in our history. This Plan establishes top strategic priorities and builds around areas of excellence so that our greatest strengths will be effectively harnessed for the greater good, at home and around the globe. 

So that remarkable story that began more than four decades ago continues daily all over our campus and throughout our community, propelled by the collaborative, pioneering spirit that is in the very DNA of this institution. We hope you will consider joining our students and faculty who are writing the next momentous chapter in that story, forging a brighter future for Birmingham, Alabama, and the nation, and discovering the knowledge that can truly change our world.

UAB President Dr. Ray L. Watts
Ray L. Watts, M.D.
President, UAB