It is my pleasure to announce that UAB Medicine and the University of Alabama at Birmingham will increase the minimum wage for employees to $11 per hour beginning with the pay period starting March 20, 2016. This change is consistent with our strategic imperative of creating an environment where all staff and faculty can succeed. UAB Medicine and UAB, at $8.24 per hour, are already above the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour, but we are committed to recognizing and rewarding all our employees at all levels.

Many institutions throughout the city, state and nation are raising their minimum wages, and as the largest single employer in Alabama, we are proud to lead these ranks and elevate our people with the first such increase since 2007. Consistent with other colleges and universities, temporary part-time student-workers will remain at the federal minimum wage. Employees with a current base rate less than $11 per hour will see the increase in their April 8, 2016, paychecks. 

Your managers will be communicating with you in the coming months to explain this change further, and you will receive more information from Human Resources as we make this transition. 

Best regards,

Ray L. Watts, M.D.