Current grant support

  • Botanicals Center for Age-related diseases" (NIH/ODS/NCCAM, 04-05 to 07-11). Project: singlet oxygen, polyphenols and lens proteins. This project is focused on the prevention of cataractogenesis by dietary supplements. It involves use of animal models of cataract disease. Recombinant forms of the proteins of the lens are available for detailed study of the chemistry and physical chemistry events of this chronic disease process. A recent development is the use of mass spectrometry imaging of the lens [1].

  • "Botanicals Center for age-related diseases" (NIH/ODS/NCCAM, 04-05 to 07-11). Core C: "analytical Core". This core provides support to investigators in the Botanicals Center for the study of delivery of polyphenols and their metabolites to specific tissue sites and physiological fluids. It exploits nanoscale electrospray ionization techniques. The Core recently developed a 2-min assay for 11 phytoestrogens [2].

  • "Cooperative Specialized Center for Nutrient-Gene Interaction in Cancer Prevention" (NIH/NCI, 9-03 to 8-11). Dr. Barnes is the director of this Center and is the Co-director of the proteomics/mass spectrometry core. A focus of the center is on developing of statistically robust measurement techniques in proteomics and protein mass spectrometry.

  • "Urinary peptide excretion and onset of puberty" (NIH NCCAM 06-08 to 05-11). This project is concerned with identification of peptides in urine that provide the molecular basis for the onset and stages of puberty.

  • ARRA supplement for bioinformatics of "urinary peptide excretion and onset of puberty" (NCCAM 09-09 to 08-11).

  • "Lens crystallins: spatial location and properties in the ICR/f rat cataract model" (NIH NEI , 07-10 to 06-12). This project uses imaging mass spectrometry of the lens to examine the distribution of crystalline in the lens.

  • Dr. Barnes is also associated with several other NIH-funded Center grants, including the Skin Disease Research Center (NIH/NIAMS 8-09 to 7-14), the Acute Kidney Disease Center (09-08 to 08-13) and the Diabetes Research and Training Center (02-8 to 01-13). He collaborates on NIH-funded grants with Drs. Michael Brenner, Trygve Tollefsbol, Jack Lancaster (all at UAB) and Dr. Gail Greendale (UCLA) and Dr. Xiao-Ou Shu (Vanderbilt U.). The Targeted Metabolomics and Proteomics Laboratory is also part of the UAB Lung Health Center.