Equipment & Software

Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Velos Pro

Agilent 6530 QTOF MS

Agilent 7700 ICP-MS

Bruker Ultraflex III MALDI ToF ToF
WARP-LC, Denovo protein ID, and imaging software, ClinProt, and Genotools.

Thermo Finnigan LTQ XL ESI with CID/ ETD
with a nanosource, HPLC and  nano-autosampler, for peptide profiling, and PTM work

GE Ettan™ Spot Picker
Automatically picks selected protein spots from stained or destained gels, with greater than 99.9% efficiency

Server Stack

High-speed high-capacity double firewalled servers with 40TB of dynamic drive space and an additional 80TB of storage for archiving and automated nightly hard drive backup.

The facilities server room includes the following:

  1. Primary fileserver (30TB of drive space, 32 GB RAM, 2 . AMD 3.1 GHz 8 Core processors)
  2. Unix application server powered by an Oracle Database (64 GB RAM, 2 . AMD 2.6GHz 12 Core processors)
  3. Primary domain controller for our network (2 GB RAM, 1 . Intel 2.00 GHZ Dual Core processor)
  4. Secondary fileserver (4 GB RAM, 2 . Intel 2.00 GHz Dual Core Processors)
  5. Application server (32 GB RAM, 2 . AMD 2.2GHZ 12 Core processors)
  6. Tape backup server (4 GB RAM, 2 . Intel 2.00 GHz Dual Core Processors)
  7. Genedata application server (8 GB RAM, 2 . Intel 1.6GHz Quad Core processors).
  8. Virtual server/ backup domain controller and an LTO-3 Tape Library with 14 slots

The primary fileserver is also dynamically linked to a 1000 node Cheaha Cluster through the UAB IT Research Computing Group.


Shimadzu HPLC (analytical and prepative) with UV/Vis detector & Gilson fraction collector.

BioTek multiwell plate reader with UV/VIS/FL/L capability.

Two IGPhor systems with adjustable (up to 24cm) water cooled gel boxes for 2D PAGE technology.

UVP Gel Doc System (white light, UV and IR fluorescence, chemo-luminescence).

Small Molecule & Lipid Preparation Station (including two multiwell SPE devices w/ drying system using argon or nitrogen).

Thermo Cryostat & Histology Station w/ High Resolution Scanner to Complement Tissue Imaging by MS.

Shimadzu High Resolution Chemical Tissue Printer (ChIP) for MALDI-MS based Tissue Imaging.

Savant Explorer SpeedVac® Concentrator with multiple adapters including 96 deep well.

Sorvall Legend XTR centrifuge with multiple adapters including a 96 deep well plate holder.

Sutton Nano Tip Puller 2000 with column packing bomb.

The Facility also houses four chemical fume hoods, a large format laminar flow hood for cell culture, a large refrigerated cold cabinet, a walk in cold cabinet, two standard refrigerators, two -20C freezers, two large format -80C freezers, a cryostat with complete histology set up, equipment for standard chemical synthesis, and a host of more standard equipment primarily used for sample preparation.


The primary software packages and site licenses that are housed on our servers and/ or the desktop computers are all kept updated and include:

Denovo Sequencing and Quantification: MASCOT Distiller with Q+
2D PAGE Analysis: Nonlinear Samespots
Accurate Mass & Time Tag (AMT) Analysis w/Quantification & Spectral Library Searching: Genedata Expressionist Refiner
MS Peptide/ Protein Sequence and Quantification Analysis: PREMIER Biosoft ProteoIQ, Proteome Software Scaffold, Scaffold PTM/ Q+S
The entire TPP suite from the Seattle Proteomics Center
Agilent's MassHunter Suite
Bruker Daltronics Suite including: LCWARP, Biotools, Rapid denovo, Genotools, Fleximaging
Statistical Analysis: (Matlab, Statistica, SPSS, Graphpad, Origin)
Systems Analysis: MetaCore (GeneGo), IPA (Ingenuity)
Data Sharing: MSP-SF LIMS, where all data is retrievable by collaborators and core Facility users via HTML.