Equipment & Software

Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Velos Pro

Agilent 6530 QTOF MS

Agilent 7700 ICP-MS

Bruker Ultraflex III MALDI ToF ToF
WARP-LC, Denovo protein ID, and imaging software, ClinProt, and Genotools.

Thermo Finnigan LTQ XL ESI with CID/ ETD
with a nanosource, HPLC and  nano-autosampler, for peptide profiling, and PTM work

GE Ettan™ Spot Picker
Automatically picks selected protein spots from stained or destained gels, with greater than 99.9% efficiency

High resolution mass spectrometry is also available through contractual agreements made with the UAB Biomedical FT-ICR MS Laboratory run by Dr. Matt Renfrow (


Thermo High Capacity Spin Vac with adaptors for common tubes and 96 well plates

Sorval floor model cooled centrifuge with common adaptor and for deep 96 well stackable filter extraction plates used for HTP protein extractions of biological fluids

Thermo Cryostat for Tissue Imaging by MS and Histology work Station.

GE IGPhore System and gel boxes for 2D PAGE technology


2D PAGE Analysis: Nonlinear SameSpots

Peptidomics Discovery: Genedata Expressionist, Refiner MS & Analyst

LCMS Analysis: Trans Proteomics Pipeline (TPP) Tools.

All-In-One Proteomics Analysis Tools: Bioinquire, ProteoIQ & Proteome Software, Scaffold

Data Management System: LabKey/ CPAS

Pathway Analysis: GeneGo, Metacore & Ingenuity, IPS