Protein mass spectrometry 2007
(BMG/PHR 744)

Course will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays 9 - 11 am in the McCallum Building, 4th floor conference room (401)


Date Lecturer Topic
Jan 5, Fri Barnes/Kim The world of biomolecules. The proteome, proteomics and other -omics and where to start [PDF File]
Jan 9, Tu M. Renfrow Mass spectrometry - gas phase transfer and instrumentation [PDF File]
Jan 12, Fri S. Barnes Methods for the identification of proteins: MALDI-TOF of proteins and peptide mass fingerprinting; LC analysis and peptide sequencing
[PDF File]
Jan 16, Tu Barnes/ Prasain Importance of fragmentation in mass spectrometry; application to proteomics and other -omics [PDF File]
Jan 19, Fri Facility Staff Methods demo - MSMS Interpretation [PDF File]
Jan 23, Tu
Student presentations
Mid-term exam - take-home
Jan 26, Fri R. Orlando (UGA) Connecting proteomics into bioinformatics; MUDPIT and SEQUEST; false discovery rates in complex systems [PDF File]
Jan 30, Tu S. Barnes Simplifying the proteome - techniques of protein purification [PDF File]
Feb 2, Fri H. Kim Protein separation by electrophoresis and other 2D-methods [PDF File]
Feb 6, Tu S. Meleth Experimental design issues in proteomics [PDF File]
Feb 9, Fri Barnes/ Prasain Mass spectrometry in qualitative and quantitative burrowing of the proteome and small molecules in biological samples [PDF File 1] [PDF File 2]
Feb 13, Tu
Student presentations
Feb 16, Fri P. Prevelige Mass Spectrometry as a Tool for Studying Protein Structure [PDF File]
Feb 20, Tu S. Barnes Enzymology and mass spectrometry [PDF File]
Feb 23, Fri M. Renfrow Analysis of protein-protein interactions by affinity purification and mass spectrometry
Feb 27, Tu C-C. Wang
J. Mobley
Tissue and body fluid proteomics; tissue imaging by mass spectrometry [PDF File]
Mar 2, Fri M. Renfrow Class demo - FT-ICR-MS methodology
Mar 6, Tu   Student presentations
Mar 9, Fri J. Novak
M. Renfrow
Mass spectrometry in glycomics research - Application to IgA nephropathy
[PDF File 1] [PDF File 2]
Mar 13, Tu T. Garrett (U. Fl) Imaging phospholipids and small molecules with MALDI ion trap mass spectrometry
Mar 16, Fri H. Kim Use of proteomics and MS methods in the study of the brain proteome and neurodegenerative diseases
Mar 20, Tu   Final exam due