Advanced Graduate Course 2014
(BMG/PHR 744)

The science of Omics and mass spectrometry


Stephen Barnes (4-7117;
Matthew Renfrow (6-4681;
Helen Kim (4-3880;

Spring Semester 2014 (January 6th – March 21nd)

The use of mass spectrometry in biomedical sciences has become increasingly important as applications of the huge contribution from sequencing of human and other genomes continue to impact research. This advanced course provides a perspective and training in basic methods in mass spectrometry and their application to biomedical research:

The course will contain two exams; the first is on the basic techniques of -omics and mass spectrometry; the second will be comprehensive to help participants integrate the concepts being presented in the course. Examples of this from last year's course are available on request. Students will also present during the course a summary of a paper illustrating application of omics and mass spectrometry methods.