• Holmes is heart of busy transplant office
    In the middle of a whirlwind of activity, colleagues say Shantay Holmes is a calming presence, and her work ethic, team spirit, compassion and more are the reason she is UAB’s Employee of the Month.
    posted 7 days ago 648 views
    A list of things for the UAB community to see and do the week of Aug. 30-Sept. 5.
    posted 4 days ago 575 views
  • Be a part of the Habitat House that UAB built
    Help fellow co-workers and students build a safe, affordable ADA-compliant house, made possible by employee contributions to the UAB Benevolent Fund. The only requirement is a willingness to learn and work one of the scheduled four-hour shifts starting Sept. 17.
    posted 14 days ago 410 views
  • Download a new safety app for added security
    Rave Guardian, a personal safety service available to anyone with a email address, is an app that enables users to designate “guardians” — family, friends or even UAB Police — to provide a virtual safety escort and direct emergency access to UABPD. Users also can use it to report suspicious activity to UABPD. Learn more about its features and encourage others to do so.
    posted 13 days ago 250 views
  • When computers learn to understand doctors' notes, the world will be a better place
    By training computers to pick out timing clues in medical records, UAB machine learning expert Steven Bethard, Ph.D., aims to help individual physicians visualize patient histories, and researchers recruit for clinical trials.
    posted 14 days ago 219 views
  • McMahon to be next dean of Graduate School
    Lori McMahon, Ph.D., will enrich excellence and innovation in graduate education through professional and career-development initiatives and lead collaborative efforts for recruitment and outreach with various academic units to attract highly qualified students.
    posted 10 days ago 170 views
  • Success in translational research leads to $34 million grant renewal
    This renewing of UAB’s prestigious Center for Translational Science Award will bolster research and workforce development at UAB and throughout its regional partner network in the Southeast.
    posted 10 days ago 142 views
  • Game on: What's next for UAB Blazers?
    Athletic Director Mark Ingram answers questions about football, bowling and rifle and the need for facility upgrades to support student-athletes. He also highlights the crucial role the community can play in the Blazers’ success in UAB Magazine.
    posted 5 days ago 124 views
  • Latin jazz is next in the line of Essentials
    Poncho Sanchez will bring a complex, multinational musical fusion to the ASC Sept. 3. Tickets are discounted for UAB employees and free for students.
    • Event Date September 3
    posted 5 days ago 106 views

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