June 26, 2014

Alert: Calls received from debt-collection scammers

Several units at UAB have received harassing calls from telephone scammers.

If you receive calls from one of these scammers — considered cyber-extortionists by the FBI and AT&T — it probably will be under the pretense of payday loan collections. The caller may know much about you, including your work number, which they likely obtained from a third party. They may harass you persistently in an attempt to get you to make a payment just to be left alone.

UAB IT and HSIS recommends you report any of these calls to your support group at AskIT, 996-5555, or HSIS Helpdesk, 934-8888.

To help fix the problem, you can direct the calls to a phone number where they can be screened. If necessary, the phone number under attack can be blocked to outside callers; this enables normal internal operations to continue.