January 30, 2017

UAB Start lets employee dependents earn early college credit for less

UABStart stream 492High-school dependents of UAB employees can earn college credit online through the UAB Start program for only $250 per three-credit-hour class as part of the university’s educational benefits program.

Any dependent of a UAB employee in the 11th or 12th grades who has a 3.0 GPA and a score of 21 or higher on the ACT can apply for the UAB Start program; letters of support from both their high school counselor or principal and a parent or guardian also are required.

Once accepted into the program, students can take up to two classes per semester and choose between two credit options: dual enrollment, in which students in districts with agreements with UAB can earn both high school and college credit for the courses taken, and concurrent enrollment, in which only college credit is earned.

The typical cost to employees using their educational benefit to enroll a dependent in one regular three-hour college course as a freshman is $588-$650; UAB Start cuts the cost by more than half.

Plus, taking college courses while in high school can make it easier for students to transition into a full schedule of classes when they begin college and set them on track to graduate early, said Deidre Murray, manager of Online Special Programs.

Deadlines, FAQs and information online at uab.edu/online/admissions/uab-start

"UAB Start gives students an opportunity to get a head start on some of their core college classes at a fraction of what it would cost once they enter college as a freshman," Murray said. "For UAB employees, they are not only giving their kids the opportunity to get ahead, but it also means they will more than likely complete their degree early. Finishing early means less money parents have to spend."

UAB Start also is available to high school students in almost all states for $500 per three-credit-hour course. For students wishing to enroll in four- or five-credit-hour courses, the cost is $167 per credit hour, and the UAB educational benefit of $250 can be applied toward that. Some sophomores may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Deadlines, FAQs and information is online at uab.edu/online/admissions/uab-start