We are looking for teenage girls age 15-17 to participate in a new vaginal ring study. The study involves 9 total visits to the clinic over a period of about 7 months. During this time, you will be asked to wear a new vaginal ring each month for 6 months. Participants will receive physical/GYN exams and HIV/STI testing at no cost and will be compensated up to $675 for their time. All teens must have parental consent in order to participate. For more information, call the study team at (205) 996-4405.
WatchThis study is enrolling girls age 8-11 and women age 19-30. We want to know about using wearable technology to reduce sedentary behaviors. Two focus group visits are required to get your opinion on the activity watch and website. If you are interested, contact Matt at (205) 975-7677. Compensation is provided.

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