Overweight/obese adolescents ages 15-17 with an iPhone or Android phone who sleep less than an average of 8 hours per night and their parent wanted for a study of the effects of sleep on adolescents’ overall health. Requires 8 visits to UAB laboratory and 3 blood draws over a 4 month period. Participants and their parent are eligible to receive a total payment of $400 ($320 for participants and $80 for their parent). For more information call 205-934-2241 or email elliottl@uab.edu.

This research study will test if educational text messages can improve sleep quality and sleep behaviors in college students. The six-week study will start Oct. 3. You will complete a survey by Oct. 1 and again at the end of the 6 weeks. Must be a full-time freshman, 18-19 years old, living in a dorm with a cellphone and unlimited text messaging. Students who are pregnant, have a sleep disorder or are taking sleep medications are excluded. Participants who complete the study will receive 2 movie tickets. Survey link: goo.gl/9ijKkh. Direct questions to Kathryn Jones, kej@uab.edu or 205-908-4091.

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