Optometry’s Mark Swanson honored at symposium

mark swanson sizedMark Swanson, O.D., associate professor in the School of Optometry, was awarded the 2013 Faculty Teaching Award from the Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging (CCHA) at its annual symposium on Oct. 18.

Swanson's research focuses on vision disorders among the elderly, which is of special interest to the CCHA. The award is in recognition of his outstanding teaching in the area of aging and especially aging and vision.

"He has been consistent in his efforts to help make sure that individuals in the field of optometry are competent in working with older individuals," said Richard Allman, M.D., CCHA's director and the Parrish Endowed Professor of Medicine at UAB.

Robert Kleinstein, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Optometry, nominated Swanson for the award; Rodney Nowakowski, O.D., dean of the School of Optometry, and Dawn DeCarlo, O.D., associate professor of ophthalmology, endorsed the nomination. "He has demonstrated exceptional teaching this past year in several diverse settings," Kleinstein said.

"His demanding but caring approach in all of these settings demonstrates the quality and exceptional teaching that merits him receiving the award."