Healthy African American women age 19–45 yrs are needed for a dietary study. We are studying how genes influence the excretion of sodium and calcium in urine. The study involves consuming controlled diets prepared by the Clinical Research Unit, collecting all of your urine for 5 days, and providing 2 blood samples. Compensation $100. Contact M.C. Robertson, (205) 975-8341.
You may qualify if you are a Caucasian or African American female age 21-45, do not have diabetes, exercise less than 2 hours per week, and are willing to travel to UAB for screening and a testing visit. Participants will receive their blood sugar level, cholesterol level, bone density, fat mass and muscle mass. Compensation up to $125 provided for completing all study visits. 205-975-5664 for more information.
UAB researchers are conducting a study to investigate how the quality of your diet influences body composition and other outcomes related to risk of certain diseases. If you are obese and 65 or older you may be eligible to participate. Participation involves attending 5 study visits, completing several assessments and taking part in a nutrition intervention through the UAB EatRight program for 2 months.  You will be compensated for attending each study visit. For more information, call 205-975-7202.

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