You may be eligible to participate in a dissertation study to help determine if exposure to magazine advertisements is associated with body mass index. The study involves a 1-time web-based survey that takes approximately 15 minutes. If interested, visit Candice Griffin 223-8941.
Are you an overweight, Caucasian woman ages 20-50? If so, you may be eligible for a study about the relationship between macronutrient composition of the diet and metabolic rate. The study includes one baseline-screening visit, and if you are selected for the feeding study, it will include two clinic visits, consuming lunch at the clinic daily for two weeks, and tracking your food intake for two weeks. Compensated up to $100. Call 205-934-0041 for more information.
We are recruiting participants from UAB Weight Loss Medicine (formerly UAB EatRight) to fill three weight management groups, as well as recruiting participants who are interested in joining UAB Weight Loss Medicine. The three weight loss management groups are low-carb, Optifast, and Lifestyle. We will be testing resting energy expenditure, body composition, and taking blood samples. We will be doing this initially before they start they diet, at 15 weeks, at 6 months, and at 1 year. You will be ineligible for this study if you are taking steroid medications, are a current smoker or have thyroid disease. For more information, email

More than 1,200 employees compete in Scale Back, and resources to help you in your quest are plentiful at UAB.

If you are a Caucasian or African-American woman ages 19-30, you may qualify to participate in a research study being conducted by the UAB Departments of Human Studies and Nutrition Sciences. Eligible participants include healthy women whose mothers have type 2 diabetes, or healthy women with no family history of diabetes. This study requires two morning time visits to UAB’s Nutrition Science Building and UAB Hospital. If you are diabetic, smoke, are currently pregnant or are more than moderately overweight, you will not qualify for the study. You will be asked to complete tests that assess bone density, body fat composition, muscle mitochondrial function and Insulin Sensitivity. You may be compensated for your time. Call Brandon Kane at 975-3806.
A study is recruiting overweight African-American and European American girls ages 7-11 to investigate the effects of diet on weight-loss and body composition. This 25-week study involves 7 clinic visits, 7 education sessions, and compensation. The PRIMO study, Annie 975-3494



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