Are you age 65 or older, feeling weak or fatigued, and finding it more difficult to be physically active? If so, you may be interested in the MASTERS Trial, a randomized, placebo-controlled trial at UAB to determine if the addition of a medicine (Metformin) will improve the effectiveness of strength training in older adults. Participants receive supervised exercise training 3 days/week for 14 weeks with certified trainers in the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine, and free assessments of health and functional status, body composition, and fitness. To learn more, complete the questionnaire at (preferred) or call 205-934-6231
Participants will discuss their thoughts, views, and opinions about participating in research studies in group setting. Each participant will receive $25 for each focus group session, with a maximum receipt of $50 for attending both sessions. Coretta or 934-2884
You may be eligible to participate in a dissertation study to help determine if exposure to magazine advertisements is associated with body mass index. The study involves a 1-time web-based survey that takes approximately 15 minutes. If interested, visit Candice Griffin 223-8941.
If so, you may qualify for a research study. To be considered you must be at least 50 years of age, have high blood pressure with a systolic (upper) number of at least 130 and have no history of diabetes or stroke. If you qualify for the study, receive the following at no cost: FDA approved blood pressure medication, regular medical testing, memory testing, EKG’s (electrocardiograms), and blood pressure management. Compensation. Call the SPRINT office of Dr. Thornley-Brown in the Department of Nephrology, 975-4482.
African American lesbian and bisexual women needed to study how bacterial vaginosis — the most common vaginal infection — occurs. We want to understand the behaviors that put women at risk for this common infection and we want to improve screening and prevention. 205-996-2780
Do you have a history of heart disease OR diabetes and/or other cardiovascular risk factors?  If so, you may be eligible for the REDUCE-IT trial. REDUCE-IT is a research study testing an investigational drug. Eight study visits over 5 years. Compensated up to $500. Call 205-975-7238, option 2.
Nutrition Sciences is looking for breast cancer survivors who are not regular exercisers to participate in a research project. The study evaluates the BEAT Cancer program, designed to help breast cancer survivors start and maintain an exercise program. This study includes supervised, individual exercise sessions with exercise specialists. The study is funded by the National Cancer Institute. Participants must be ages 19-70 with a history of DCIS, Stage I, II or IIIA breast cancer. For more information, call (205) 975-1247 or email All information is confidential and participation is free.
Caucasian or African-American woman age 21-40 needed to participate in an exercise intensity study that is being conducted by the UAB Departments of Human Studies and Nutrition Sciences. This is a 16-week study that requires (4) overnight stays at UAB (over a 16 week period). If you are diabetic, smoke or are more than moderately overweight, you will not qualify. Participants will enroll in an exercise program bike riding and walking). Improve your fitness level and receive information that includes your daily caloric expenditure, physical fitness level, bone density and body fat composition. May be compensated. Brandon, the Exercise Intensity Study, 975-3806.
Our research team will aim to gain insight about the perceptions of violence experienced by Certified Nursing Assistants. The violence may involve verbal and physical assaults received from nursing home residents during routine care. Using interviews, we want to learn from the CNAs how resident-initiated violence affects the CNA’s ability to effectively work with these residents and the impact on CNA’s overall physical and mental health. Everything you share will be confidential. If you are a currently employed nursing assistant and interested in a 45 minute interview, please contact Corteza @ 205-934-9260. If you agree to participate, you will be compensated.
Participants will be required to make one visit which will last about 1 hour. In this visit the participant will take a short paper and pencil assessment, perform a quick activity with a partner, and answer a short questionnaire about thoughts concerning their experience. Lunch will be provided at no cost to the participants, as well as compensation up to $15. 205-934-2424.
Men and women ages 65 and older needed to participate in a study that examines how lifestyle changes affect body fat, risk factors for disease and quality of life. This study requires a 1-year commitment. You may qualify if you are in generally good health and you are on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. Compensated up to $225. CROSSROADS Study 996-5295.
Feeling sad, down, hopeless? Feeling guilty, tense or irritable? Wishing you were dead?  Experiencing disturbed concentration, appetite, or sleep? If you are age 19-65, you may be eligible to participate in a research study on an investigational medication for depression. Compensated. Office of Psychiatric Research 934-9189.
Are you ages 19-64 and are currently feeling down, sad, or hopeless? Feeling guilty, tense, or irritable? Are you experiencing disturbed sleep, eating, or concentration? Are you in good physical health? Have you tried at least 1 antidepressant medications in the past? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a research study on an investigational treatment for depression involving low field magnetic stimulation. Compensation. 934-2484.
If you are age 19-65, feeling sad, down, hopeless; feeling guilty, tense, or irritable; in good physical health; experiencing disturbed concentration, appetite or sleep and have tried at least 1 antidepressant medication and still experiencing depression? You may be eligible to participate in a research study on an investigational treatment for depression involving Low Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS). For more information and to determine eligibility, call 934-2484. Compensation provided.
Urine leakage does not need to be part of your life. We would like to know if vitamin D can help treat urinary symptoms. If you are female, age 50 or older and experiencing urinary leakage, you may qualify for this study. The UAB Continence Clinic, located at The Kirklin Clinic, is conducting a research study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health Office on Research of Women¹s Health (ORHW) and the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Disease (NIDDK). The study is examining the relationship between urine leakage and treatment with vitamin D. This 12 week study involves 4 clinic visits and two telephone visits.  Study visits are at no cost and participants will be compensated. Interested? Please call 975-3503 and mention the Vitamin D study. It is a blinded randomized controlled trial to see if Vitamin D will improve urge incontinence in women over 50.
Call The UAB Lung Health Center at 934-5555. You may qualify for a study.
To join the study you must: be age 50 or older; have type 2 diabetes and certain kinds of heart disease or stroke; and be able to attend 17 clinic visits and answer 9 phone contacts over a three-year trial period. The study provides an investigational medication that is taken once weekly. If eligible, you may be compensated up to $640 for completing all study visits. 205-934-2294.
Do you have type 2 diabetes complicated by blood vessel problems such as heart disease, carotid artery disease, stroke, or poor circulation in your legs or feet? If you are over age 50 you may qualify for a research study investigating the effect of a diabetes drug on blood vessel disease. Participants will receive study drug or placebo provided by the study in addition to the care from your usual diabetes care provider. Miriam 975-8217.
If you currently take no pills or one, two or three pills for diabetes, you may be eligible for a research study of a new diabetes medication taken one time a week. The study drug will be added to your current treatment plan. Compensation up to $700. 975-8217.
Volunteers age 19-65 with moderate or severe ulcerative colitis needed to study an investigational medicine. All study-related meds, procedures and exams provided at no cost. To learn more, call 1-877-UAB-4-IBD.
The NIH ESTEEM Study may work for you. ESTEEM is a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study evaluating whether combining surgery and pelvic exercises works better for Mixed Urinary Incontinence (MUI) compared to surgery alone. Women 21 and older who desire surgery for their urine leakage may be eligible. For more information, contact our research team at 934-5498. Compensation is provided.
A 24-month research study is being conducted by the UAB School of Dentistry to determine the effectiveness of a commercially available tooth colored dental filling materials bonded on the sides of teeth with three adhesives. Enrollment in the study requires that the subject be available for the 24-month study period. Screening appointments now are available and subjects needing fillings on the sides of their teeth are likely candidates. The fillings are free and a monetary incentive is paid at each recall visit. To determine if you are eligible for this study, call LaTara 996-5747.
Have you had diabetes for at least 1 year? Are you taking oral medications and/or insulin? You are invited to participate in a clinical research study with a new (investigational) medication involving patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. If you join, you will: Attend 11 diabetes medical visits and receive 11 phone calls. Receive diabetes treatment, medicines and supplies at no cost to you. Receive diabetes education Receive physical exams and lab tests at no cost to you. Compensation for time and travel may also be available. The study is being conducted at UAB by the Department of Nutrition Sciences. For more information, and to see if you might be eligible to join, please contact (205) 996-4015 or (205) 996-4020.
Are you taking oral medications and/or insulin? You are invited to participate in a clinical research study with a new (investigational) medication involving patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. If you join, you will: attend 11 diabetes medical visits and receive 11 phone calls; receive diabetes treatment, medicines and supplies at no cost to you; receive diabetes education; receive physical exams and lab tests at no cost to you. Compensation for time and travel may also be available. The study is being conducted at UAB by the Department of Nutrition Sciences.  For more information, and to see if you might be eligible to join, please contact (205) 996-4015 or (205) 996-4020.
The UAB Center for Nursing Research has developed a Web site that addresses the pain experienced by patients with CF. Visit the site for information regarding CF and also take part in a new on-line research study. Patrick or 934-7597.
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  • Seven honored as Outstanding Women for 2015

    Each year during Women’s History Month, UAB honors women who have mentored or served other women, taken a courageous stance or overcome adversity to achieve a goal. 

    posted 8 days ago 1050 views
  • Three decades of experience makes Price the heart of OH&S

    Sherri Price, administrative supervisor in Occupational Health and Safety, has been named Employee of the Month for March. 

    posted 14 days ago 627 views
  • McClintock honored for commitment to outreach

    James McClintock, Ph.D., endowed professor of polar and marine biology, received the Odessa Woolfolk Community Service Award for using his lifetime of work in Antarctica to educate students and the public about the value and excitement of pursuing science on the remote continent.

    posted 2 days ago 318 views
  • Carver is VPIT/chief information officer
    Curtis A. Carver Jr., Ph.D., comes to UAB from the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, for which he served as vice chancellor and chief information officer. He will be the senior IT leader at UAB and also hold an academic appointment in computer sciences. His first day at UAB will be June 1.
    posted 8 days ago 208 views
  • Surplus auction planned
    The warehouse will close April 17 to prepare for the auction. It will reopen May 5.
    • Event Date April 27
    posted 2 days ago 201 views
  • Becker inspires a culture of discovery
    Lisa Tamiris Becker directs a research center like no other at UAB—the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, which explores the meaning, context, and history of art from around the world. Get to know Birmingham’s newest cultural ambassador as she pursues artistic breakthroughs and previews upcoming exhibitions in UAB Magazine.
    posted 7 days ago 200 views
  • Probing the brain-machine interface
    Experts from around the country gathered at UAB recently to discuss robotic arms, neural prostheses and other breakthrough technologies that link thought with actions.
    posted 7 days ago 199 views
  • Earth Week comes early

    Earth Day is April 22, during final exams, so UAB Sustainability will host a series of events April 6-10, including the Arbor Day celebration, where you can snag a free tree, and the UAB Earth Month Festival.

    posted 2 days ago 134 views
  • Faculty forums to examine the core curriculum this week
    Forums are scheduled at varying times Tuesday-Friday.
    posted 2 days ago 128 views
  • Farm Stand to return April 7
    The Farm Stand will be bringing fresh fruits and vegetables and other delicious treats to UAB each week, beginning April 7. This year Boozer Farms will now be operating The Farm Stand 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Check the schedule online.
    posted 2 days ago 119 views
  • Two online CME courses to improve stroke patient outcomes

    UAB has collaborated with Medscape to produce two online courses that respond to concerns about the use of tPA to resolve blood clots that lead to stroke.

    posted today 62 views

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