The UAB Center for Nursing Research has developed a Web site that addresses the pain experienced by patients with CF. Visit the site for information regarding CF and also take part in a new on-line research study. Patrick or 934-7597.
Are you interested in being part of a research project that focuses on informal caregivers? We are seeking African American caregivers age 65 years or older. This study involves one focus group and a telephone survey. Participants can receive up to $30 in gift cards. 934-6752 or
Local physicians are part of a larger clinical trial utilizing an investigational medical device for people with post-amputation pain. If you are experiencing moderate to severe post-amputation pain not controlled by medication, we invite you to learn more. Qualifications for the study include: one amputated lower limb; frequent and recurring amputation pain; willingness to undergo implant surgery; and 21 years of age or older. Alicia Kindred at 205-934-4711 or
Female ages 40-75 with heart disease and who are uninsured or underinsured and would like to receive exercise training in a medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation program, please contact Kelsey Miller at 205.934.6414 or
Are you an overweight, Caucasian woman ages 20-50? If so, you may be eligible for a study about the relationship between macronutrient composition of the diet and metabolic rate. The study includes one baseline-screening visit, and if you are selected for the feeding study, it will include two clinic visits, consuming lunch at the clinic daily for two weeks, and tracking your food intake for two weeks. Compensated up to $100. Call 205-934-0041 for more information.
We are studying differences between the brains of healthy individuals and people with Parkinson's Disease, or those at risk for developing Parkinson's Disease. The study will involve two visits, including a MRI of the brain during the second visit. You will be compensated $30 after the 2nd visit after your MRI scan. Paula Spath 934-6510.
You may qualify for a research study at UAB Department of Dermatology. If qualified, you will receive investigational medication and study visits at no cost. Compensation. Rhonda 502-9967 or
We are conducting a sexual partner study for treatment of the female and male sexual partners as a way to prevent BV. Medication at no cost to you. Couples can receive up to $300. Call Joy at the UAB Personal Health Clinic 205-996-2780
We are conducting a sexual partner study for treatment of the female and male sexual partners as a way to prevent BV. Medication at no cost to you. Couples can receive up to $300. Call Joy at the UAB Personal Health Clinic 205-996-2780
Have you had recurrent BV (bacterial vaginal infections) 2 or more times in the past 12 months?  We are conducting a sexual partner study for treatment of the female and male sexual partners as a way to prevent BV. Medication at no cost to you. Couples can receive up to $300. Joy, 205-996-2780
UAB researchers want to interview and track men and women who have recently quit heavy or problem drinking without treatment. If you are such a person, we believe you could provide valuable information that may improve programs to help others quit. This study is not a treatment program. Confidentiality will be strictly maintained. We come to you. Interviewed participants will be reimbursed for their time and effort. 934-6082 or 800-815-6200 or
Healthy African American men and women, ages 19 or older are needed to study the effect of different sequences of a gene on cholesterol levels. You will not be able to participate if you have problems with your kidneys or liver, if you are pregnant, or if you are taking certain medications.  Involves 1 visit. Compensation provided. Alexandra 975-9743,
Healthy African American women age 19–45 yrs are needed for a dietary study. We are studying how genes influence the excretion of sodium and calcium in urine. The study involves consuming controlled diets prepared by the Clinical Research Unit, collecting all of your urine for 5 days, and providing 2 blood samples. Compensation $100. Contact M.C. Robertson, (205) 975-8341.
Are you in good physical health? Never been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition? Compensation provided. For more information, please call UAB Office of Psychiatric Research at 975-4207.
Healthy controls age 3-21 needed for a study that investigates risk factors for pediatric multiple sclerosis (MS). Qualifying participants will undergo a one-time blood draw and complete three surveys. Compensation is provided.
You may qualify if you ages 19-45, are African American or European American,  do not have diabetes, exercise less than 2 hours per week, and are willing to travel to UAB for screening and 4 testing visits. Participants will receive their blood sugar level, cholesterol level, bone density, fat mass, and muscle mass. Compensation up to $400 provided for completing all study visits. Please call 934-4386 for more information.

Healthy non-smokers age 19-54 needed for pneumonia study. Compensation available. Call the Lung Health Center, 934-5555
Physically healthy volunteers with no history of mental illness, ages 19-40 needed for a research study sponsored by UAB’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology. Study procedures include taking a drug that affects glutamate in the brain, drug testing, blood draws, a psychiatric interview and rating scales, MRI scans, and memory and cognitive evaluation (not an IQ test).  Participants meeting study criteria will be compensated. Call 205-996-9813 to see if you qualify.
Requires daily specimen collection at home, weekly delivery of samples, reimbursed up to $230. Joy 996-2780
Are you ages of 55-65, HIV negative and in general good health? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a study researching mitochondrial dysfunction and its role in aging in HIV infection. Eligible participants will have blood drawn during a one-time study visit. Compensation is provided after enrollment for those who qualify. Appointments available on Monday and Thursday mornings. For more information, call 205-975-2841.
You may qualify for a new research study at the Birmingham VA Medical Center offering behavioral therapies that can help. You must be: a veteran, age 50 or over, diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, accidentally leaking urine at least 4 times a week, willing to attend clinic visits and follow instructions at home. This study does not involve any medications. 205-933-8101 ext. 7305 and ask for the BETTUR study.
Do you wear contact lenses, have dry eyes, or experience eye discomfort? The UAB School of Optometry's Clinical Eye Research Facility is in constant need of participants for various studies. We are presently looking for subjects age 19 and older to enroll in a database for notification of current and future studies. For more information, visit
Men & women age 65 and older with high blood pressure needed for a study to see whether adding a medication to current blood pressure treatment lowers the risk of cardiovascular events. Participants can have a history of heart disease, stroke or diabetes, or have risk factors for heart disease Compensation. 975-7902 or 1-866-965-7903.
Men and women ages 18-40 with mild or borderline high blood pressure may be eligible to participate in a 14-week study for high blood pressure. Eligible participants will receive study medication, blood pressure checks, physical exams and laboratory tests at no cost. Participants will be paid up to $75 for each completed study visit, up to $325. Call or email Stephanie at (205) 975-7001 or
If you are age 50 or older and have been diagnosed with HIV for at least 1 year, you may qualify to participate in a study about what you know about brain health. This study will ask questions about your mental functioning and health and takes approximately 2 hours. If eligible, you will be paid $50 for your visit. To find out more about this study, please call Anna at 205-996-4089.
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