The UAB School of Dentistry, Department of Periodontology, is recruiting participants for a new research study that will test the safety and effectiveness of a new synthetic bone grafting material when used to treat oral bone loss resulting from Periodontal (gum) Disease. Eligible candidates must be age 25 or older and have a particular type of Periodontal Disease diagnosis. The study will require multiple visits to the Periodontal Research Clinic over a period of approximately 6-months. Women who are pregnant, nursing or planning a pregnancy will be excluded. Other medical conditions and medications may also prevent enrollment. 205 934-1503.
If you are healthy, age 55 or older, post-menopausal (no periods for 1 year or more), On or Off estrogen therapy, you may be able to help us with a research study! UAB researchers are conducting a study to determine the effects of estrogen on inflammation in post-menopausal women. One-time blood draw is all that is needed. Participants will be compensated. To learn more, please call UAB Hypertension Program at (205) 934-9281 or e-mail
If you are healthy, ages 20-40, with regular menstrual cycles, not taking hormonal contraceptive medication (IUDs are ok), you may be able to help us with a research study! UAB researchers are conducting a study to determine the effects of estrogen on inflammation in pre-menopausal women. One-time blood draw is all that is needed. Participants will be compensated. To learn more, please call UAB Hypertension Program at (205) 934-9281 or e-mail
Men and women age 21-75 are needed for the CARE Trial, a study comparing 2 weight loss programs that recommend different methods of calorie reduction. The study will include group sessions with experienced facilitators, personalized goals, and tools to help you reach those goals at no cost to you. Compensation provided as well. Call 205-975,7238, Option 1 to find out if you qualify.
The UAB Lung Health Center is doing research to find better ways of diagnosing and treating COPD. Normal, healthy people age 40-75 needed. 934-5555 to see if you qualify for a current study.
Are you an overweight, Caucasian woman ages 20-50? If so, you may be eligible for a study about the relationship between macronutrient composition of the diet and metabolic rate. The study includes one baseline-screening visit, and if you are selected for the feeding study, it will include two clinic visits, consuming lunch at the clinic daily for two weeks, and tracking your food intake for two weeks. Compensated up to $100. Call 205-934-6032 for more information.
We want to know about measuring body fat in humans using digital photography. One visit is required to assess your body composition. Contact Billy at Compensation is provided.
We want to know about measuring body fat in humans using digital photography.  One visit is required to assess your body composition.  If you are interested, contact Billy at Compensation is provided.
If you are experiencing extreme tiredness and fatigue even after your cancer treatment ends, you may be eligible to participate in a new mind/body research study. To qualify for this study, you  must be a Stage II or Stage III colorectal cancer survivor who has completed all cancer treatment at least 6 months ago and within the last 5 years. 205-934-6326
The NIH CAPABLe Study may work for you. CAPABLe is a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study evaluating whether medication or muscle training with biofeedback is best to improve symptoms of accidental bowel leakage. Women 19 and older may be eligible. For more information, contact our research team at 934-5498. Compensation is provided.
UAB is currently offering a no-cost research treatment program for those who want to stop using cocaine. This study combines medication and counseling treatment. If you use cocaine and would like to stop, please call 975-7721
College students age 19 and older who smoke at least 5 cigarettes per day need to participate in an education counseling session. You do not have to want to quit smoking to participate. Participation involves one 30 minute orientation session, one 60-minute educational counseling session and two 15-minute follow-up sessions. You will be asked to complete some questionnaires, abstain from smoking overnight and smoke a cigarette we will provide you. You will be offered an 8-week supply of the nicotine patch if you wish. You will have the opportunity to be compensated a total  of $75 for your participation. 975-7721
Are you 50 or older with or without Parkinson's disease and interested in participating in a study evaluating the effects of a computer-based training program on safety & cognition? This study evaluates performance on cognitive tests and a virtual reality street crossing task. Amy 934-5954.
This study will examine the effectiveness of two types of group exercise classes on the health and functional status in inactive adults age 19-65 with Multiple Sclerosis. You will be randomly assigned to one of three groups; Movement2Music, Adapted Yoga, or a waitlist group who will complete a home-based exercise intervention of either Movement to Music or Adapted Yoga. Email for more information.
If you or someone you know is a female ages 40-75 with heart disease and is uninsured or underinsured and would like to receive exercise training in a medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation program, please contact Kelsey Miller at 205-934-6414 or
Do you have kidney disease?  If so, you may qualify to participate in a 4 month research study to evaluate the effects of spironolactone on blood vessel health in patients with chronic kidney disease. Must be: ages 19-65; non-diabetic; not on dialysis; moderate stage of kidney disease (30-60% function). Compensation. Call the UAB Hypertension Program at (205) 934-9281 or e-mail Lama Ghazi
UAB researchers are conducting a study to investigate how the quality of your diet influences body composition and other outcomes related to risk of certain diseases. If you are obese and 65 or older you may be eligible to participate. Participation involves attending 5 study visits, completing several assessments and taking part in a nutrition intervention through the UAB EatRight program for 2 months.  You will be compensated for attending each study visit. For more information, call 205-975-7202.
WatchThis study is enrolling girls age 8-11 and women age 19-30. We want to know about using wearable technology to reduce sedentary behaviors. Two focus group visits are required to get your opinion on the activity watch and website. If you are interested, contact Matt at (205) 975-7677. Compensation is provided.
Study The tDCS (Speed of Processing Training with Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) driving study will examine the combined use of cognitive training and low voltage electrical cranial stimulation to improve thinking and driving in older adults. To qualify, you must be 50 or older, be proficient in English, and must not be mentally impaired or have significant neuromedical issues. Eligible participants may be compensated up to $300. 205-996-9457.
UAB patients age 19 and older needed to understand how an individual’s genetic makeup, clinical factors, environment and lifestyle interact to affect response to blood thinner medications. To qualify, you must be on either dabigatran "Pradaxa" or warfarin "Coumadin" and receive care at UAB. For more information, contact Nita Limdi, Ph.D., at 934-4385 or
The purpose of the study is to find the best combination drug treatment for diabetes. Have you had Type 2 diabetes for less than 10 years? Is metformin the only diabetes medication you are taking? Are you willing to take a second diabetes drug? If so, you may be able to participate in a clinical research study that is trying to find the best combination drug treatment for type 2 diabetes. Diabetes medications, visits, and lab tests will be provided free of charge. 205-996-4015, 205-996-4020 or 205-975-8217.
People with type 2 diabetes are needed for a study to help identify the links between diabetes and kidney stone formation. To qualify you must meet the following criteria: ages 19–65; BMI < 32. BMI can be calculated here. Participants will be asked to provide 2 blood samples, four 24-hour urine collections, and consume meals provided by the UAB Clinical Research Unit for 3 days. Compensation up to $250. If you are interested please contact MC at 205-975-8341
Earn a $10 VISA gift card by participating in a one-hour focus group on the “college weight gain experience.” Research has demonstrated that college students are particularly vulnerable to weight gain, so preventing weight gain in this population may have important implications for long-term weight management. More research is needed to determine why college students are gaining weight in order to develop targeted interventions to forestall weight gain and improve health behaviors. The proposed study aims to investigate the factors perceived by college students related to college weight gain. Information gained from this study would be used to formulate a research plan for funding for college weight gain prevention. Exclusions to the study include current college athletes and students diagnosed, within the past year, with depression or an eating disorder. To participate, you must be a fulltime, non-transfer, undergraduate UAB students ages 18 and 25; snacks will be provided. To sign-up or for more information, contact Dr. Retta Evans (205) 996-2701
Must have untreated vaginal yeast infection at time of enrollment. Study participation lasts for 48 weeks. Free medication and exams. Reimbursement available up to $505 for enrollment and follow-up visits. For more information call Joy at 205-996-2780
Must have untreated Bacterial Vaginosis at time of enrollment and have had at least 3 prior documented episodes of BV in the past 12 months.  Study participation lasts for up to 31 weeks. Investigational medication and study-related exams will be provided at no cost to you. Reimbursement available for study visits. For more information call Joy at 996-2780.
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