• Experimental Biomechanics Core
    Experimental Biomechanics Core

    Director: Alan Eberhardt, PhD
    Email: aeberhar@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-934-8464

    The Experimental Biomechanics Core (EBC) is housed in the Musculoskeletal Mechanics Laboratory (Hoehn 270-271, 1075 13th Street South, Birmingham, AL, 35294-4440), which contains 1,800 sq. ft. of research space.  The office of Dr. Eberhardt (Director) is located one floor below the lab to facilitate close supervision of the projects. 


    • Two MTS 858 Mini-Bionix Mechanical Testing Systems
    • Instron Dynatup Drop Tower
    • AMTI OrthoPOD Friction and Wear Tester
    • The Bose Low-force Testbench system
    • Miscellaneous equipment
    • High and low speed infrared cameras
    • Strain gauge equipment
    • Accelerometers
    • Extensometer, inclinometers, LVDTs, displacement/rotation measurment
    • MTS G200 Nanoindenter is housed in the Orthopedic Research Lab in the basement of the Lyons Harrison Research Building.

    The EBC functions as a Service Core Center at UAB, with fees for equipment use and personnel.

    Center Affilitiation
    Biomatrix Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (BERM) Center
    Center for Metabolic Bone Disease

    Serves -UAB Internal and External