• UAB Behavioral Assessment Core
    UAB Behavioral Assessment Core

    Director: Thomas van Groen, PhD
    Email: vangroen@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-934-5940

    Website:  www.neurosciencecore.uab.edu/corea.htm

    The goal of the UAB Neuroscience Behavioral Assessment Core is to provide behavioral testing procedures for rodents. We provide a broad array of state-of-the-art behavioral tools to understand phenotypes and rodent cognition. This is achieved in a collaborative approach by providing expertise for behavioral diagnostics through consultation with the Technical Director, who advises on experimental planning, experimentation and data analysis. Novel tools for behavioral diagnostics are continuously added to the set of testing systems that is available. Our team systematically works towards offering and developing (i) a larger test diversity, (ii) ethologically reasonable and less stressful behavioural assays, (iii) increased automation (easier to handle) and higher throughput testing.

    Twelve newly renovated behavioral analysis rooms now house about fifty diagnostic testing procedures for neurological and psychiatric function in rodents.

    Acoustic startle, Active/passive avoidance, Automated system for activity measurement, Barnes maze, Beam walking, Buried food test, Burrowing Test, Bussey touch-screen system, Cat walk, Cognitive function (operant behaviour), Conditioned place preference, Video automated detection of behaviour, circadian activity, double H-maze, Dynamic weight bearing system, EEG-telemetry system, Elevated plus maze, Fear conditioning, Fear potentiated startle, Food burrowing, Forced swim test, Grip strength, Hole board test, Hot/Cold plate, IntelliCage, Ladder rung test, Light/dark test, Marble burying, Object recognition, Open field, Operant homecage, Prepulse inhibition of startle, Radial maze, Resident intruder test, Rotarod, Running wheel, SHIRPA , Shuttle box, Staircase test, Startle, Tail flick, Tail suspension, T-maze, Ultrasonic vocalization, Visual cliff, Water maze, Y-maze, Zero maze.

    A knowledge database of testing procedures for animal models of neurological and psychiatric function is available and will be made available in the near future as an online database.

    Grant Affiliation
    P30 NS47466

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