• OSP Streamlines Federal Subaward Process

    In a continuing effort to improve processes and gain efficiencies in research administrative processes, the UAB Office of Sponsored Programs is pleased to announce the new federal grant outgoing subaward submission process. This improved process utilizes the newly created Federal Grant Outgoing Subaward Form . This form should be submitted by research department personnel to initiate the creation of both new federal grant subawards and subaward amendments. A separate form, along with supporting documents, should be submitted for each outgoing subaward.

    In addition,, a dedicated federal grant subaward mailbox, has been created to ensure submissions are assigned and activated in a timely manner. As a result, all requests for subawards or related amendments must be submitted to with the Federal Grant Outgoing Subaward Form and supporting documentation. For detailed information concerning required documentation for federal grant subawards, please see the OSP website.

    OSP has also eliminated the requirement to submit a Subrecipient Third Party Determination with each federal grant subaward, as the decision to use the subaward rests with the PI at the time of proposal submission, or when project SOW changes are needed by the PI. Departments may choose to continue to use and maintain this important document, or something similar, in departmental project files.

    The new process will begin Monday, February 19th. OSP will offer two training sessions to review the new form and mailbox. The first class is scheduled for Thursday, February 15th at 1:30pm, and the second class will be held on Friday, February 16th at 10:30am. Please register through the UAB Learning System (LMS). You can find the course by searching the LMS Catalog by title: New OSP Subaward Request Form and OSP Subaward Box.

    As a reminder, an important component of the federal grant subaward process occurs at proposal submission with the inclusion of a separate LOI for each outgoing subrecipient. For additional information, please see the UAB policy “Establishing a Subrecipient Agreement

    For additional information, please contact your OSP Federal Grant Sr. Specialist, or contact   

    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 02/05/18
  • Reminder! Including Subawards in Proposals

    If your proposal includes external collaborations with one or more other organizations in carrying out the grant-supported research, UAB, as the direct and primary recipient of federal and nonfederal grant funds, is accountable to the Sponsor for the performance of the project, the appropriate expenditure of grant funds by all parties, applicable reporting requirements, and all other obligations as specified in the award. Section 3 of the UAB Policy for Establishing a Subrecipient Agreement requires the signed Letter of Intent.

    Requirement - UAB follows the NIH policy and must collect relevant documents from any potential Subaward institution(s) for submission to the sponsor during the proposal stage, including:

    • Letter of Intent (LOI): Required of potential Subaward institutions during the proposal stage. This signed form serves as confirmation that the Subaward institution is prepared to make every effort to enter into an appropriate agreement, should an award be made. The signature (or electronic equivalent) of the AOR/SO on the Letter of Intent signifies that the applicant organization and all proposed consortium participants understand and agree with the following statement:

    "The appropriate programmatic and administrative personnel of each organization involved in this grant application are aware of the NIH consortium agreement policy and are prepared to establish the necessary inter-organizational agreement(s) consistent with that policy."

    • Scope of Work (SOW): Required of the potential Subaward in order to outline expected work to be completed. Please see SOW guidelines below for more information.
    • Budget and Budget Justification: In order to complete the UAB Budget and Budget Justification, the proposed subaward should have a budget in order to categorize and justify expected costs of conducting research.
    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 01/19/18
  • IRAP Upgrade - October 20th, 2017

    ​IRAP will be off-line from 12 noon on Friday, October 20th through 6 AM on Monday, October 23rd for a system upgrade that includes a new budget model for funding proposals.  Additionally this upgrade will facilitate continued development of system to system submissions to NIH using IRAP.  Other changes will enhance performance, all customization of module names, and update browser compatibility.  

    Below is a more detailed list of changes:

    Module Name Customization
    • My Proposals is now "OSP/OIE/Grants & Contracts"
    • My External Interests is now "CIRB/Financial Interests"
    • My Human Subjects is now "IRB/Human Subjects"
    • My Lab Animals is now "IACUC/Lab Animals"
    • My Technology Transfer is now "MTO/Material Transfers"

    Proposal Tracking

    • Personnel page updates - new look and feel
    • Budget and Award page updates - new look and feel
    • Subproject information is now located under the budget/awards folders
    • Improved integration between Subprojects and Parent projects

    Technology Transfer Menu - Agreement Portal can now be found by selecting Material Transfers

    Many of the tabs available under My Profile have been hidden.  Please see the Faculty Profiles website ( for additional options on managing CV related information.

    Posted by Integrated Research Administration | 10/16/17
  • OSP News and Updates


    SEPTEMBER 2017



    ·        OSP Town Hall

    ·        Federal Grant Applications & Workspace

    ·        How to Correct OSP IRAP Records




    The Office of Sponsored Programs will hold a town hall on October 20, 2017.

        When:  11:00 AM

        Where: Volker Hall Lecture Room B



    As of December 31, 2017, will officially retire the legacy PDF package as a method for applying for a federal grant.

    Therefore, as of November 30, 2017, all federal grant proposals submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) should be submitted through one of the following portals:

    · Workspace - for all non-NIH and non-NSF proposals that do not offer ASSIST or Fastlane as an option in the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).

    ·        NIH ASSIST - for all NIH proposals and for all non-NIH (ex: AHRQ) proposals that offer ASSIST as an option. If you have the option of using either ASSIST or Workspace for applying, ASSIST is the best and preferred option.

    ·        NSF Fastlane - for all National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals.
    Note: Eventually will replace FastLane. However, that is years away. FastLane will continue to be available to NSF grantees in the foreseeable future, as its capabilities are moved to Additionally, offers single sign on with FastLane so you can seamlessly access both systems when logged into

    ·        Only exception: If a federal grant FOA does not indicate any of these portals as an option, the legacy PDF package can still be submitted until retired by the federal government on December 31, 2017.

    TRAINING: OSP will have the first Workspace training on September 26, 2017. Go to the UAB LMS site for information and registration. You may review this and other OSP training opportunities here.

    Keep in mind, you will still submit the UAB Extramural Support Checklist and the Responsible Personnel List (RPL) to the OSP email address ( to indicate that you have a proposal ready for review and to obtain an OSP IRAP number. You will include the appropriate document number on the Checklist for the OSP officer so they can retrieve and review your application in the appropriate portal.



    In an effort to streamline processes, OSP no longer requires a revised RPL for changes regarding inclusion of animals or human subjects. To add or remove humans or animals involvement on a project record, please send a detailed email to OSP with the IRAP number. For more information, please contact your OSP Officer.




    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 09/21/17
  • Deadline for Paper Submissions to the Office of the IRB has been Extended

    The deadline for paper submissions to the Office of the IRB (OIRB) has been extended until Friday, August 11, 2017 at 5pm.


    After this deadline, all submissions must be made through the My Human Subjects module in the Integrated Research Administration Portal (IRAP) and no paper submissions will be accepted by the OIRB.


    Guidance documents for the My Human Subjects module of IRAP can be accessed:



    • On the IRAP website, click on the IRAP Training button on the right side of the page
    Posted by Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use | 08/02/17
  • OSP News and Updates - November 29, 2016

    • Unit Assignments/OSP: OSP Officers are assigned by unit to more evenly distribute the workload.  The listing will help you identify the appropriate contact(s) when you need assistance in proposal preparation, contract assignment, or help with post award issues and questions.
    • Training Needs Survey: OSP would like your feedback on campus training needs in the area of sponsored projects.  We encourage you to complete this short survey so that we can develop a comprehensive training program. 
    • Fee for Service (FFS)- Amended policy for research related FFS to be retroactive to 7/1/16: The F&A rate is changing from 30% to 15%.  Executed fee-for-service agreements assessed at the 30% F&A rate will be retroactively corrected to 15% F&A rate.  To assist the campus in determining to which office to send your FFS, we have developed a decision tree.  Please note submission through OSP requires completion and attachment of the Extramural Checklist including the Responsible Personnel List.
    • Uniform Guidance (UG) Brochure: A Uniform Guidance Quick Guide brochure has been developed with faculty and administrators in mind.  This brochure highlights the most important aspects of UG that faculty need to know regarding federal funding.  We hope you find it useful. Please print 2-sided in color for best effect.
    • At-Risk Accounts for Industry Sponsored Clinical Trial Agreements: Along with three academic departments, OSP, the IRAP support team, and GCA have been piloting a pending account process for industry sponsored clinical trial agreements for the last several months.  “At-Risk Accounts” (aka “Pending Accounts”) are used to assist in tracking the actual cost of conducting a clinical trial, therefore, it is very important that the clinical departments use the At-Risk Account to facilitate appropriate accounting for expenditures associated with study activation including, study start-up fees and personnel expenses. 
      Effective January 1, 2017, this process will be rolled out across campus.

      What is the Process?
      1. OSP receives your complete submission; including a signed Extramural Checklist for an Industry sponsored clinical trial.
      2. The OSP Officer reviews the Extramural Checklist and updates IRAP, which triggers a notification to grants and contracts accounting.
      3. Accounting sets up the At-Risk Account and notifies the PI/department. The start date of the pending/at risk account will be 1 year prior to the receipt date of the checklist by OSP to enable sites to charge activities related to study start up. And the account will remain ‘pending’ for 1 year after creation unless the account is either activated or terminated.
      4. Department/Site applies start-up charges to the new account and then continues to use when becomes active. This includes start-up fees for IRB, Pharmacy, Radiology, etc., as well as personnel expenses associated with the time required for study activation procedures.
    • Reminder Regarding Revised Responsible Personnel List (RPL) Instructions: Revised RPL submissions are submitted when you are adding or removing responsible personnel from an existing project.  When submitting a Revised RPL, please only include the names of those Responsible individuals being added to or removed from the project. For each individual, list the name, BlazerID, and project role and check the Add or Remove box, as applicable.  Do not list everyone on the proposal; only list changes.  For full instructions, please click here.
    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 11/29/16
  • Research Administration Announces Melinda Cotten as Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs

    ​Dr. Richard Marchase, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, is pleased to announce the appointment of Melinda Cotten as Assistant Vice President of Sponsored Programs. She will be starting on September 19, 2016. Ms. Cotten will be working with her staff in assisting UAB researchers in their efforts to secure and fulfill extramurally funded sponsored programs by performing pre-award and non-financial post-award administration. With a focus on customer-centric approaches for continuously improving UAB’s processing of submissions, Cotten’s extensive experience will be critical to ensuring the continued success of the UAB research community, and maintaining UAB’s national position as a top research university.
    Posted by Office of the Vice President for Research | 09/12/16
  • New F&A Rate - Implementation for Proposals in Process

    UAB has a new Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate Agreement with the federal government.  Effective immediately, all Principal Investigators and department staff should update all in-process and future proposals, particularly for the NIH Oct. 5th deadline to the new rates.  The On-Campus rate for research is 48.5% and the Off-Campus (more than 50% of the project is off campus and rent is included in the budget) rate remains the same at 26%.  All fringe benefit rates remain the same.
    This rate agreement is dated 9/1/2016 and is effective until 9/30/2019.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs by email:
    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 09/01/16
  • Reminder Regarding ASSIST Grant Applications

    As the February 5th deadline for new NIH R01 submissions approaches, OSP would like to remind you that all competing, single-project NIH grant applications can now be submitted through ASSIST.
    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 01/25/16
  • Request for Nominations for Director of the Center for Structural Biology (CSB)

    ​The UAB CSB Internal Search Committee invites nominations of UAB faculty members for the position of Director of the Center for Structural Biology (CSB).  The CSB was established in 2011, and is one of 24 University-wide Interdisciplinary Research Centers (UWIRCs); it has been led by Lawrence J. DeLucas, Ph.D., since its inception.  The mission of the Center for Structural Biology is to support research and education through exploration of structure/function relationships for biological macromolecules and the development of novel technologies for biomedical research which enhance UAB’s basic and translational research goals.  Center membership includes more than 125 faculty and non-faculty members and hosts a number of on-site core facilities, as well as access to a national laboratory x-ray beam.
    The Director will oversee all of the interdisciplinary center activities, be a member of the Council of Center Directors and be responsible for interfacing with participating schools and managing the budget.  Nominations, including self-nominations, should include a CV and a one (1) page summary outlining the qualifications of the proposed Director and summarizing ideas and plans if appointed to the position.  The decision will be made after review and interviews by the Search Committee.
    Nominations should be submitted to Jamie Seitz ( by Friday, January 29, 2016. 
    Posted by Office of the Vice President for Research | 01/19/16
  • MTO Change in Process for Finalized Agreement Documents

    The Material Transfer Office is changing the process for providing finalized agreements to the campus. Previously the finalized documents were emailed to the investigator, now the investigator will be notified that the finalized agreement is available for viewing through an eReport.

    Details can be found on the IRAP Website.

    Posted by Office of the Vice President for Research | 12/10/15
  • UAB Institutional Signing Official Change Effective November 9, 2015

    Effective Monday, November 9, 2015, please use the following name and title on all OSP submissions for external sponsors requiring the name of the UAB Institutional Signing Official:
    Richard B. Marchase, Ph.D.
    Vice President for Research and Economic Development
     The remaining contact information, address, email and phone numbers, should remain the same:
    AB 1170
    1720 2nd Avenue South
    Birmingham, AL   35294-0111
    Phone:  205.934.5266
    Fax:  205-975-5977

    Any submissions in progress, in route or received by the OSP, will be updated to reflect the correct signing official.

    If you have any questions please contact the OSP at

    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 11/05/15
  • Research Infrastracture Update

    IRAP - the Integrated Research Administration Portal - is an electronic tool that uses interconnected software modules to enhance each phase of the research process at UAB, from alerting investigators to new funding opportunities with the SPIN and SMARTS modules, to facilitating transfer agreements on research materials. Many documents can be shared across modules, eliminating the need to fill out redundant forms. Significantly, IRAP’s battery of more than 130 reports gives investigators granular data on the status of their submissions, so they always know where they are in the process. IRAP also allows administrators to improve workflows and procedures by finding and fixing bottlenecks in the system. In turn, this helps Research Administration offices work to deliver a better customer experience and to focus on improving customer service overall.
    Posted by Office of the Vice President for Research | 10/30/15
  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the Federal Policy for Protection of Human Subjects

    ​A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) has been published seeking comments on proposed changes to the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects. The UAB Office of the IRB (OIRB) is requesting input from the UAB research community on the proposed changes in order to respond most effectively to the NPRM. The proposed rule includes significant changes to the regulations governing human subjects research. Among these changes are more relaxed requirements for certain categories of lower risk research and more stringent requirements for informed consent, especially in regard to use of biospecimens.
    Posted by Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use | 10/30/15
  • New UAB Institutional Core Facility Program Launched

    The UAB Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development (OVPRED) announces the launch of the UAB Institutional Core Facility Program (ICFP), created to promote the development and operation of outstanding Core Facilities that can serve the needs of UAB investigators.
    Posted by Office of the Vice President for Research | 10/02/15
  • Change in State Law Regarding Age of Consent

    On May 7, 2015, Governor Bentley signed into law Act 2015-167, which lowered the age of consent to 18 years old (previously 19 years) for IRB-approved research conducted by an accredited college or university. This means that 18 year olds may now consent for themselves to participate in research conducted at UAB under IRB approval. The IRB has updated most of its forms with this information and will continue to revise policies and procedures to recognize this change in the law. The revised forms must be used for all submissions received in the OIRB after September 1, 2015.
    Posted by Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use | 06/26/15
  • IRB Form Changes - June 2015

    UAB IRB forms have been revised as of June, 2015. New versions of these forms will be required for all submissions received after September 1, 2015. These include: Human Subjects Protocol, Investigator's Progress Report, Sample Consent Form, Checklists for new submissions for both full and expedited reviews, Checklists for renewal submissions for both full and expedited reviews.
    Posted by Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use | 06/26/15
  • Policy Update: Definition of a Principal Investigator

    Effective May 18, 2015 UAB’s Definition of a Principal Investigator policy is modified with regard to UAB employees in the 02 (Full-time Temporary) employment status or other UAB employment categories. See the full policy at the link or via the UAB Policies & Procedures Library.

    Case-by-case inquiries should be addressed to
    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 06/01/15
  • Expired Form FDA 1572 continued use approved

    ​On April 30, 2015 the Form FDA 1572 on the FDA website at is expired.

    The FDA is in the process of updating and posting a new Form FDA 1572. Even though it is expired, the FDA approved continued use of the current form.

    We will monitor the FDA website and will post notice of the new form's release, when available.

    Posted by Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use | 05/06/15
  • Additional OSP Dropbox Enhancements

    The Office of Sponsored Programs is pleased to announce additional enhancements to the OSP dropbox for electronic SF424 grant applications to The link to access the OSP dropbox is OSP Drop Box for Electronic Submissions to . The revised OSP dropbox user guide can be found at OSP Dropbox Quick Submission Guide. New enhancements to the dropbox include:

    • The attribute page has been modified to prompt the user to create a record and then upload the files. When the proposal record is created the attribute page is refreshed with the comment “Submit Successful*” with a footnote to continue to upload files (“*Please continue on to the Upload Files section and attach your proposal documents”).

    • Once the proposal record is created, the Upload file tab is now used to upload the proposal documents.

    • The upload file history can now be viewed using the “File History” section.  This allows users to verify that the upload was successful.

    If you have any questions regarding the new OSP dropbox functionality, please contact your OSP federal officer or

    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 04/21/15
  • IRAP Help Sessions

    The IRAP team is pleased to announce that they will be offering IRAP help sessions most Tuesdays from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM in Cudworth Building (Continuing Education Center) 1919 University Blvd. Room 305.  
    Bring your questions about how to use IRAP, how can IRAP help you do your job, eReports, Material Transfer Request eforms, IACUC eforms, etc.
    Since seating limited please log into the UAB Faculty and Staff Learning System to register for the help session that you would like to attend: Log in with your Blazer ID and Password.  Click on Catalog and search for IRAP.  Select IRAP Help Sessions.Click on Show Class Schedule and register for one of the help sessions.
    If you would like to schedule one-on-one training, group training, additional help, or training at a more convenient time/place please contact us.  The IRAP team is happy to provide training outside of these help sessions. 
    If you have any questions about these help sessions or IRAP please contact Molly Lerew at or 934-0693. 
    Posted by Integrated Research Administration | 04/17/15
  • Subrecipients Under Uniform Guidance

    ​Per the new Uniform Guidance regulations, which became effective December 26, 2014, UAB “…must make case-by-case determinations whether each agreement it makes for disbursement of federal program funds casts the party receiving the funds in the role of a subrecipient or a contractor.” See Changes in Financial Management of Sponsored Projects Presentation 2 (12/14/2014) for additional information.
    Two documents have been developed to help determine whether a subaward (subcontract) or a fee-for-service/procurement contract is more appropriate. The Statement of Work (SOW) Template assures that there is a complete description of the work to be performed.  The Third Party Agreement Determination Form, in combination with the SOW, can then be used to determine (and document consideration of) the appropriate type of agreement.  To request OSP to disburse federal funds awarded after December 26, 2014 as a subaward, send a copy of the completed Third Party Agreement Determination Form, the SOW, and all other Subaward Required Documents (per subaward) to NOTE: The UAB PI and OSP Assigned Number must be included in the email subject line and all documents completed and included in order for the OSP to accept the submission as complete.  If you determine the disbursement should be as a contract (fee-for-service or procurement) include the SOW and Third Party Agreement Determination Form with the other documents you send to University Contracts.
    Effective April 9, 2015, you will be asked to complete the Third Party Agreement Determination Form for any outstanding subawards or subaward requests for any post UG awards received by UAB. If you anticipate or are notified that an award is forthcoming that included a third party in the role of subrecipient you may expedite the process by reviewing the SOW and completing the Form appropriately. Going forward the SOW Template and Form should be used for any subrecipient at preparation of an application or submission in order to determine the appropriate role and costs for the subrecipient.
    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 04/09/15
  • OSP Dropbox Enhancements Added for SF424 Grant Applications to

    The Office of Sponsored Programs is pleased to announce an enhanced OSP dropbox now available to the UAB Research Community for electronic SF424 grant application to The new link to access the OSP dropbox is OSP Drop Box for Electronic Submission to ( OSP has developed user instructions for the enhanced dropbox which are located at OSP Dropbox Quick Submission Guide. Enhancements to the dropbox “Create Proposal” screen include:
    • New Investigator search options including search by first 2 characters, and automatic population of the blazer id and department fields
    • Placeholder text describing what users should provide in each required field.
    • OSP Assigned Number box added to distinguish final submissions.
    • Budget type added to identify modular and detailed budget submissions.
    If you have any questions regarding the new OSP dropbox functionality, please contact your OSP federal officer or  
    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 03/16/15
  • Funding Application Submissions to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

    In a continuing effort to partner with UAB faculty to ensure the timely and efficient processing of funding application submissions to the OSP, and in conjunction with the recently announced OSP Review Plan, the following changes are effective Wednesday, December 3, 2014;

    Submissions to the OSP must include all required documents or the submission will be placed in an IRAP status of “Incomplete Submission” and will not be review or processed until the complete submission is received. A listing of required documents for each submission type can be found at OSP Required Documents - Federal and Non Profit and OSP Required Documents for Non-Federal and For Profit. In order to be considered complete funding application submissions that:

    • require SF424 application forms must be submitted to the OSP Dropbox simultaneously with the submission of other required documents to;
    • are ASSIST submissions must include the application identifier in the application package e-mail; and
    • are NSF submissions must be in FastLane’s view/edit mode.

    The PI and Support Staff Contact will receive an email notification documenting the incomplete submission, and identifying the specific missing documents. Note an incomplete submission:

    • does not get the submission into a queue;
    • will not be routed to an OSP officer or specialist until all required documents are received. The OSP Review Plan timeline does not begin until all required documents for the submission are received.

    The missing required documents should be submitted to along with the OSP assigned number provided with the incomplete submission email notification as expeditiously as possible to ensure a timely routing of the submission for review.

    Should you have any questions, please contact your OSP officer or

    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 12/03/14
  • OSP Update Just-In-Time and Other Support Instructions

    ​The Office of Sponsored Programs website has recently been updated to include Just In Time (JIT) instructions to assist researchers in gaining a better understanding of the Just In Time (JIT) process.  Embedded in the Just In Time (JIT) instructions  are three important links to additional information and FAQs; Other Support Instructions,  A Sample Other Support Document, and JIT / Other Support FAQs. These documents are available on the OSP website under “Quicklinks” the “Researcher’s Toolkit” / Federal / NIH. If you have any questions, please contact OSP at 934-5266, your NIH officer or .
    Posted by Office of Sponsored Programs | 08/06/14
  • Changes to Consent Form May 2014

    ​The following are changes to the Sample Consent Form, version 05/29/14

    • Font has been changed to Calibri to comply with Institutional style guidelines.
    • Header:  The header has been updated to include Sponsor Protocol No., when applicable.
    • Risks and Discomforts:  Clarification to instructions in Randomization section and revisions to the example paragraph have been made.
    • Confidentiality:  
      • Change in language regarding publishing results of research
      • Updated Billing Compliance language
      • Addition of clinical trials indicator in medical records
    • Voluntary Participation and Withdrawal:  Instructions have been updated.
    • Cost of Participation:  Addition of sample language regarding Category B medical devices.
    • Signatures:  Several changes in the guidance.
    • HIPAA Authorization Form:  Revision to consent cancellation language.

    Click here for a more detailed summary of the changes.

    The sample consent form is available online by clicking this link.

    Posted by Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use | 06/04/14
  • FDA 1572 Updated

    Version date 07/2013, available at the following link:
    Posted by Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use | 01/01/13