As of January 1, 2017 the IACUC has tranisitoned to an electronic form (eForm) submitted through the IRAP system. The only paper form submissions accepted are requests to use Human Patient Areas and Modification Requests for addition of personnel to protocols not yet transitioned to the eForm.

Completed paper forms must be submitted via email to


Document Type
Human Patient Area Request (Appendix 1)
Modification Request Form for addition of personnel only

*OH&S will now generate the Appendix 4 during their review of the protocol. You will receive the final copy from the ARP Health and Safety Specialist.

** Upon approval you can generate the Appendix 5- Nonstandard Husbandry for posting by visiting IACUC IRAP e-Reports and selecting the Nonstandard Husbandry link. The form will auto-populate with the nonstandard husbandry information you have provided in your IACUC form.

*The OH&S Project Registration Form has replaced Appendices G & H for use of hazardous agents.*

 *For assistance calculating breeding numbers you may use the Excel Breeding Calculator or the CAMP Genotype Predictor.*

 *Want to know more about database searches? Visit the UTSA Libraries for a tutorial on creating, running, and evaluating literature searches.*​​​​​