Continuing IRB Training

Continuing IRB Training

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research is the ONLY course accepted for continuing training at this time

• For UAB Employees and Students:

  1. Go to and log in with your BlazerID.
    IMPORTANT: When you log in, check the "My Learning" tab. If the Financial Conflict of Interests in Research course is listed in your "Assigned Learning," complete that course-do not search for and enroll in the course, as described below.
  2. If Financial Conflict of Interests in Research is not listed in your Assigned Learning, click the "Catalog" tab.
  3. In the search box, type in "Financial" and click Search to find the course titled "Financial Conflict of Interests in Research - CIRB_fCOI".
  4. Click on the blue hyperlink to access the course. (You may be prompted to allow pop-ups from the site.)
  5. Click "enroll in course"

NOTE: You are allowed to take the assessment 3 times. If you fail all 3 attempts, it will be recorded on your transcripts as a failed course and will not be removed. You will then have to re-enroll in the course.

• For Non-UAB Personnel:

There is no need to request a XIAS account to complete your Financial Conflict of Interest Training via the UAB Faculty and Staff Learning System unless you need to complete other courses through the system.

Children's of Alabama employees - Please contact Pam Barlow at

Non-UAB personnel can complete training by going to Review the course materials and complete the information that is requested at the end of the materials. Please include information about who the UAB contact is for the IRB protocol that you are working on. Once we receive notice that you have completed the materials, an email confirming you have completed the course will be sent to you, to the UAB contact that was provided, and to the IRB.
How often does the UAB IRB require continuing training?

IRB continuing training is required once in every 3-year period. Continuing training is not required in the same year that your first initial training course is recorded. For example,

  • The first time you did initial IRB training was in 2012 or earlier. You need to complete the Financial Conflict of Interest training course before the end of 2015.  It is the same course that is required by the Conflict of Interest Review Board. 
  • A new continuing IRB training course will be introduced in calendar year 2015. The OIRB will continue to accept the Financial Conflict of Interest course for those needing continuing training before the new course is released.

What if I cannot access the Learning Management System?

If you are unable to log into the new Learning System, you must request access through a XIAS account. Go to and look for the box at the bottom of the screen Click the button To obtain access for a vendor, student, or volunteer, click here.

It will cause an e-mail to open asking for your information. Enter the BlazerID of the person to receive the XIAS account. Remember this is only for students (undergrads and graduates), volunteers, consultants, and non-UAB people.

UAB Employees, please do NOT request a XIAS account. Just log in. If you have difficulties logging and are not a student, volunteer, or consultant, call AskIT. They will put you in touch with the appropriate person.

How can I document my IRB training?
To see the IRB's training records-for yourself or anyone else in our database-use the Training Records in IRB e-reports.

  • The OIRB does not provide completion certificates for individual IRB training courses.
  • The IRB database contains training information for non-UAB personnel that is not shown in BlazerNET or HealthStream.
  • HealthStream records may contain training information for UAB personnel that is not shown in the IRB database.
  • If you take the course course with a XIAS account-as soon as you pass the course-click "Grades" (under Course tools) and print that page if you want your own documentation.

Training Records in IRB e-reports
How to check anyone's training in the IRB database​