Fines and Fees for Regulatory Documents

Fines and Fees for Regulatory Documents
Investigators are required to maintain a record of all correspondence between themselves and the IRB (see section on Compliance & Monitoring). Investigators who call the IRB for duplicate copies of forms and IRB correspondence will be charged at the following rates:
Approval Form $20
Original Submission $100 up to 400 pages, then $0.25 per page
Consent Form $35
Renewal Submission $50 up to 200 pages, then $0.25 per page
Amendments and Other Materials $0.25 per page (minimum charge $5)

To obtain the copies requested, you will need to provide the following: 
1. A memorandum listing all documents requested signed by the Principal investigator of  the protocol. Also, include the IRB protocol number, protocol title and the name and number of a contact person. 
2. An Internal Order Form for transfer of the fees to the IRB account (a template with the account number included is available at the link to the form earlier in this sentence).

Page updated: December 11, 2013