Develop with UABIdentify and pursue commercial potential

The UAB IIE expands UAB’s ability to cast a broad net to identify innovations, select the most promising ones and develop the commercial potential.

We will help innovators evaluate the commercial and licensing potential of their innovations and assist with preliminary assessments of commercial viability and risk, evaluation of prototypes and estimates of development costs.

Innovations may follow several paths to commercialization. Not all inventors want to form a company or participate in commercializing their invention. We will work closely with stakeholders to develop a successful strategy for any scenario that arises to ensure the inventor, university and the community receive the most benefit from all discoveries that arise at UAB.

We guide innovators through
the critical first steps

  • Market research – Analyze competitors, market potential, barriers to entry and regulatory and legal hurdles.
  • Business model – Develop the basic framework, including potential sales and distribution channels, partners and alliances and resource requirements.
  • Assess talent – Assess the experience of team members, identify gaps in skills and identify strategies for filling them.
  • Business plan – Provide coaching, financial expertise and writing support to help develop a plan to attract potential investors.
  • Company formation – Provide guidance on choosing the appropriate form of corporate entity and creating its legal entity.
  • Finance – Explore options and secure initial funding.
  • Launch

And help turn brainwaves into business start-ups.